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How to effectively generate business leads

Arguably the most difficult part of starting a new company is getting new business through the door. While you might be able to use your network to initially land a few clients, it comes to a point where you must start marketing your product or service to generate leads.

Marketing your product isn’t too difficult if done effectively, but it’s generating leads and converting to sales that can prove tricky. Here we’ll take you through the best ways to generate leads for your new business.

Start a newsletter

At this juncture, we’re presuming your website is live and filled with awesome content. If not, we recommend reading this guide on content marketing and why it is important for your organization. Otherwise, the next thing you should consider is starting a newsletter.

You should advertise your newsletter throughout your website. From there you can request your audience (i.e. potential customers) to sign-up and agree to email updates. This now gives you permission to contact them in the future – allowing you to market your product in other ways. If you haven’t already worked it out, this proves to be an effective way of generating leads; however, this can take time and it depends on getting high numbers of people to view your site and provoking them to sign up to your newsletter.

At this point, you can speed up the process of getting relevant business leads by using a company to provide you with relevant live e-mail addresses. You can complete a targeted search appropriate to your business needs, and access data of filtered potential customers.

Use social networking sites

Twitter is a great way to increase your business’s visibility online. Here you can target influencers in your industry who regularly speak out. Twitter is powerful due to the fact you can converse with almost anybody – especially the key players we talked about previously. From here, their followers, who could very well be potential customers, may follow you, or visit your site, after witnessing your interactions.

Furthermore, you can follow trending topics, or take advantage of hashtags. Say you’re an SEO agency looking for potential clients – you can use the #SEO hashtag to ensure your tweet shows up when people are searching for tweets related to SEO. While this might all seem simple, it’s incredible the amount of businesses not using social media to empower their business and generate leads. Don’t be one of them.

Head to networking events

Heading to networking events isn’t exactly the most popular way of generating leads anymore. Most of our network – and their activities – are online, with websites such as LinkedIn providing the same service as any good networking event nowadays.

However, the real world certainly has its advantages, and even by turning up to events that aren’t exactly centered on your business, they can provide you with potentially valuable contacts and leads.

One advantage of networking events is referrals. Say you’re talking to an existing client and it’s all going well; they might know one of the other major players in the game looking for your services. If they’re pleased with what you’re doing, they might well introduce you.

Essentially, in this situation, your client has generated the lead for you. It’s important not to push your clients to do this though; generally, client referrals occur naturally. Just be patient, play the game, complete a few contracts successfully and your leads will develop organically.

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