I Want My Money Back!

You’ve probably heard it mentioned plenty of times by now, but the question never gets old it seems: What happens when an SEO company “promises” certain results for its clients but then the outcome is less than what was originally expected? Does the client walk away satisfied? Probably not. Do people end up getting sued? It’s a question that seems to be growing and will more than likely continue to be a cause for concern as increasing numbers of businesses and professionals are switching to the Internet as a form of marketing their presence.


So, what to do? Do we continue on in the pattern of thinking that “the customer is always right”? When you hire a professional to fix the plumbing in your house, you expect that at the end of the day, you will get the intended results that you want: ie. the toilet will work again. Therefore, it sort of makes sense that when you hire an SEO professional: ie. an Internet marketing company, you’ll get the intended results that you were guaranteed at the end of a certain amount of time. So, for instance, if you were told that you were going to have n amount of visitors to your site and that your rankings in Google would go up by a certain number, is it then unreasonable to expect results? Are the circumstances different? Some would argue that they are.

Flushing a Toilet is Easy; Flushing your Business Down With it is Not…

Flushing your toilet and flushing your business down with it both have one major difference: one stinks and the other one doesn’t. So, when things don’t work out as planned with your SEO company of choice- if you still haven’t moved up the ranks in Google- if you still haven’t received any leads from all of the marketing ploys- is it then ok to demand your money back? Take the poll below to find out what others think about the issue.

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