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I’m sure most of you have heard of the book “Multiple Streams of Income”. The author points out that you should not rely on only one stream of income because if that one goes away you are left with nothing. The same holds true for clicks to your website. You want to have multiple ways people are finding your website.

Here is a list of some of the ways people could be finding you:

  1. Natural search engine rankings
  2. Search engine ad programs (AdWords in Google)
  3. Articles (some you have written, some other people have written)
  4. Forums (give good advice to a tough question and people will find you)
  5. Paid ads on other sites
  6. E-Books (write one with links to your site and then give it away)
  7. Blogs (yours and other people’s)
  8. Social Networking sites like Digg, MyBlogLog, FastPitch, StumbleUpon
  9. Press Releases (that you distribute or have someone distribute for you)
  10. Printed Books (write one and put your website address in it)
  11. News Stories (make it easy for the press to find information about you on your site)
  12. News Letters (electronic)
  13. News Letters (printed)
  14. Your e-mail signature
  15. Your business card
  16. Magnetic sign on your car
  17. News Papers (printed, run an ad with your website address in it)
  18. Radio (make sure your url is easy to say and spell)
  19. TV ad or news
  20. Fliers
  21. Posters
  22. Shirts
  23. Hats
  24. Coffee cups
  25. Pens
  26. Podcasts
  27. Link exchange
  28. Link bait links
  29. Friends and family (make sure they know who might be interested in your site)
  30. Tattoo (not for the meek or weak and no I don’t have mine…yet)

You might not be able to afford all of these streams at the same time and it would be a very tough job keeping track of all of it at once, but, pick a few and go for it. Several of them only cost the time it takes you to put it together.

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