Making the Connection

connectionAs human beings, we desire to feel connected to one another; we desire to be understood and appreciated. So, how does this need to be appreciated and understood transfer over into the world of marketing? Simple. Cater to the consumer’s desires. Think about how often we watch television. Everyone has a “favorite” television program, a “favorite” commercial, even a “favorite” song; and why? Because something in each of those things appeals to the consumer. Think about why you like that Beach Boys song. It’s because when you hear the lyrics, it makes you think of when you spent that summer at the beach with your friends before you all went your separate ways to college. It’s all about the connection.

When commercials are created, they are created with the consumer in mind. Everything from pencils and pens to soda cans and bottles are designed to keep the consumer in mind. You might prefer the bottle of water with the snap top to the bottle of water where you have to twist the cap off because of its usability. It seems like everyone is competing for each others attention at times. Everyone wants to be heard. Internet marketing is no different. We write to capture a readers attention. If anything, marketing on the Internet is more of a challenge than any other form of social media. After all, what is there to prevent you, the reader, from clicking off this page right now? Sure, there are all sorts of tricks out there such as pictures and interactive menus to keep a reader on the Internet interested, but at the heart of it all is the writing. It’s the writing that captures your attention for that split second; the kind that makes you wonder what else that person or business might have to say or offer. Advertising will be around as long as there are consumers and connections to be made.

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