Marc Leder Makes Predictions on the Next Big Thing

The co-founder of Sun Capital Partners Inc. Marc Leder has sharp nose for good business. At the Fostering a Legacy fundraiser event, he discussed and made predictions about which industries smart business people and investors should put their money in. Marc Leder thinks the developments in the technology and medical sectors are incredible. “They are growing at an exponential rate in terms of technology,” he stated. “Business is business and can help technology and medical industries evolve.” So there you have it straight from the horse’s mouth. If you want to even make one fourth of the profits that Marc Leder makes in a month, you better start choosing technology and medical companies to invest in. But why should we trust what Marc Leder said?

Who Is Marc Leder?

Marc Leder graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennylvania with a Bachelor degree in Economics. He then worked for Lehman Brothers in New York, and was so successful and valued by the company that he was made Senior Vice President. However, Marc Leder wanted to try doing his own thing, so he left Lehman Brothers in 1995 and established Sun Capital Partners Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida with his fellow Wharton classmate Rodger Krouse. Today, Sun Capital Partners Inc is a well respected global equity firm specializing in company buy outs. Some of the companies that are in the portfolio of Sun Capital Partners Inc are PaperWorks Industries, an integrated full service packaging provider with 1,600 workers and 17 North American branches, S & N Communications, a company in North Carolina dealing with construction and maintenance services to telecom, natural gas, utility and cable companies that has installed more than 22 million feet of fiber optic cable and serviced 550,000 homes, and Style Group Brands, one of UK’s leading fashion houses and concession retailers responsible for famous brands like Planet, Minuet Petite, Kaliko and Jacques Vert.

A Generous Philanthropist With A Wide Range of Interests

Since Marc Leder works with numbers every day, he likes to do something completely different in his spare time. He now collects arts and is the Director of the Berggruen Museum in Berlin, which specializes in modern art. “The art world is so different from my work and it provides a bit of an escape,” Marc Leder said. Additionally, he is also the Director of the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, which helps and supports disadvantaged artists from the inner cities. “The more I grow to love the arts, the more I felt it important to lend my support and help ensure that artists of all kinds can continue to bring their creative expression to life and in their communities across the globe. Everyone can enjoy art and the creative process and it makes artists’ work so important to our society.” Marc Leder also encourages his employees to volunteer and donate to their chosen charity organizations. He and his partner Rodger have donated to more than one hundred charities and encourages more companies to engage in corporate philanthropy.

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