No Blog Left Behind: Think Like a Blogger!


Delve into the mind of a blogger with me for a second. Why do people blog?
Well, for most of us, it’s to put

useful information
out there and hopefully

make a connection
with readers. In my mind, if I can read a blog or an
article that someone’s written and get something useful out of it-even if it’s
nothing more than a smile- then that person has done his/her job.

Blogging is meant to elicit a response from readers. Whether this means that
they will find out something that they didn’t know before, purchase a product or
service, or leave a comment saying that they disagree entirely, it is a way to
connect with others and create a buzz about something.

Keep it Short. Keep it Simple.

One of my pet peeves with blogging is what I refer to as “empty blog posts”.
These are the blogs you come across that are long (usually more than 400 words)
and don’t really capture your attention; they’re boring. If you’re going to
write a blog post (especially one that is lengthy), make sure that you have
something to say that will keep your readers captivated; otherwise, you’re just
wasting your time and theirs.

In my experience, I have found that most people who read blogs tend to prefer
ones that are shorter versus ones that are longer. If you know that you have a
lot of valuable information that you want to get out, why not break it
up? Split your post into a Part 1 and Part 2 and post them on different days. If
the content is well written and thought provoking, readers will want to
come back for the next in the series. This is preferable versus trying to shove
a ton of text/information down someone’s throat in one sitting. Even if you
break up your post with pictures, it’s not going to break up the fact that your
word count is creeping up to near 800 + words as your number of subscribed
readers is going down.

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