Our RSS is legit…We’d like your help in getting us beyond the 500 RSS Reader mark:

rss-125Did you know that all RSS feed reader numbers are NOT accurate?  I have visited blogs that are trying to sell advertisements on the premise of their RSS readership being over 5,000 or even over 20,000.  However, after reviewing the site code, they were doing one of two things both of which were not ethical.  1) The RSS Feed number was an image.  In other words, it was STATIC and most likely copied from some other blog that truly had that many RSS readers.  2) The RSS Feed number was actually being pulled in from some other blog.  In this case, the feed was not static and changed as the number of readers increased on the blog that really had 5K, 10K or more readers.

Both of the BOGUS ways above used to deceive people into advertising on a blog or for that matter just trying to get them as a reader because “Hey, if the blog has 20K readers, it must be good” are tactics that we don’t use and will never use here on Create Business Growth.  Our readership really is just under 500 as stated above in our header.  However, we want your help:

To our current RSS Readers:
First of all, we thank you so much for being a loyal CBG reader.  Secondly, we’d like to ask you for help:  We want to BREAK the 500 RSS Reader mark.   We’ve been in the 400′s far too long.  If each of you reading this will just refer 1 friend or 1 enemy for that matter, we can BREAK 500 wide open before the weekend is over.

To those reading this who are not subscribed to our RSS Feed:
If you are reading this and are not one of our current RSS Readers, please see this RSS Tutorial on our blog.  It’s so easy to start getting our RSS Feed.  If you don’t have an RSS Reader, I personally use News Gators FEED DEMON which is a desktop reader.  Once you download Feed Demon, you can use our XML Code to subscribe to our feed.  Finally, once you get signed up, please tell someone about CreateBusinessGrowth.com and encourage them to sign up as well.

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