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Powerful Digital Signage Techniques That Boost Customer Engagement

Digital signage has graduated from luxury to necessity in the restaurant industry. Digital signage is a tried-and-tested method for improving sales. Some chains have reported as much as 50 percent sales increases since installing digital menu boards in like locations. Digital menu boards are better at influencing customers and selling high-margin items, especially in QSR. As digital signage evolves and reaches ubiquity, restaurants need to stay ahead of the curve. These are some of the digital signage strategies that are better at boosting customer engagement.

#1 Video Walls

The time it takes for a customer to make a decision is at its shortest in the restaurant industry. Digital signage is effective because it targets customers right at the point of sale. Video walls create eye-catching displays that are impossible to ignore. Video walls are ideal for screening promotional and branding information. Get your message across with bold video walls inside and outside.

#2 Failsafe Screens

Failsafe functionality is one of the unique features offered in screens from digital signage company Netvisual. In the event of screen failure, your digital menu board adjusts to fit on active screens. That means you don’t lose any menu information or promotional content. Split screens can accommodate all the essential information until tech support brings all screens back online. Failsafe measures are a must-have for any QSR business that relies on digital menu boards. Visit http://netvisual.ca to learn more about failsafe measures that keep your digital displays intact.

#3 Loyalty Integration

Loyalty programs are an effective strategy for bringing in repeat business. Loyalty program members spend 12-18% more than their counterparts despite the ubiquity of loyalty programs. Restaurants need to capitalize on loyalty integration in their digital signage, especially with points-based programs. Integrating your loyalty programs into digital signage means displaying points rewards as well as special promotions like doubled rewards for promotional items. Loyalty program promotions help restaurants move high inventory product without relying on steep discounts. Any restaurant with a loyalty program should have it front and center on their digital signage.

#4 Easy Content Management

Contacting your graphic designer every time you need to change your promotions or your prices gets expensive. That’s why digital signage companies like Netvisual offer web portals where you can easily manage digital menu content. You should be able to change prices, promotions, nutritional information, and videos all through your web portal. With new by-laws regarding nutritional information being passed, QSR businesses also need local and regional control of the information on digital menu boards.

#5 Drive Thru Digital Signage

The benefits of indoor digital signage have been proven. Now, more restaurants are adopting drive thru digital signage. With drive thru windows accounting for as much as 70 percent of sales in some QSR businesses, introducing digital signage can increase sales up to 8 percent according to Digital Signage Today. Drive thru digital signage will be the next major wave of digital menu boards.

Digital menu boards are evolving. The techniques and technology powering digital menu boards are changing to improve customer engagement and influence customer decisions. In a business where customers make decisions as quickly as in QSR, every restaurant needs digital menu boards that will impact behavior and increase sales.

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