Should You Launch Your Bricks And Mortar Business On The Net?

Doing business on the Internet is becoming one of the most common ways for owners of brick and mortar companies to extend their customer base. If you’ve been considering taking your business online, there are at least two important things you should consider first.


Does the customer base for your products generally shop online or use computers? If you cater to a young customer base, or sell any technological product, you should certainly take your business online. There are some niche products, however, that don’t have a very technologically savvy group of customers, and might not want to take this step. Even these businesses can sell their products on the Internet with the right marketing, however.

Also consider your own comfort with technology and whether you will be interested in filling orders, providing service online, and routinely mailing out orders. If you don’t feel that you would want to do these things, an online extension of your brick and mortar business might not be right for you.

However, marketing your business online is the easiest and least expensive way to expand your business to new customers. You can take on new accounts across the country, merely by setting up a web page and taking orders through it.

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