Simple Promotional Ideas That Still Work

The world of marketing and promotion keeps evolving on a pretty much daily basis, and we keep coming up with new ways to engage audiences and ensure that we’re maximizing the potential of our reach. A mistake that one should be careful to avoid is concentrating too much on modern techniques, paying little attention to established older methods that have a proven track record. Remember, just because something has been around for a while and plenty of people are using it doesn’t mean that it’s a dead end not worth pursuing – there is often plenty of room on the market for everyone if you play your cards right.

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Local Business Tie-Ins

There’s nothing better for a smaller business than the local network of similarly sized companies willing to cooperate for the benefit of all. There is often a lot to gain from working with a few smaller shops that could potentially promote your work better than traditional advertising channels, and this is especially true for cases where you’re careful to pick a business related to your own line of work.

Just make sure that you’re reciprocating the relationship and you’re not just trying to spread the word about your company while disregarding the others. As long as you show that you’re willing to engage everyone on a fair level, cross-promotion can work very well and can land you some nice potential partnerships later on.


Depending on what your business is, you might be able to gain a lot from organizing small giveaways for promotional items. People love free stuff, and if you can do something nice that will leave a lasting impression without being too obtrusive – like custom logo coffee mugs, or pens – you can easily keep people thinking about your company in subtle ways.

The two things to keep in mind about this are that you should not overdo it, and you should always spend the extra money on high-quality materials. There are lots of companies on the market today that can give you seemingly great deals for promotional items, but you’ll often find the quality to be severely lacking in the more outrageous cases.


This is something that will probably never go out of style, and as long as it’s done correctly, it can bring many potential benefits to the table. The basic idea is to encourage people to spread the word about your business and promote it to their friends and relatives, and you can easily do this by enticing them with some bonuses.

As long as you make sure that you’re promoting your business in meaningful ways, and using the right channels, you can easily pull ahead of your competition and find yourself in a much more favourable place on your local market. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small company or a larger one, there is always something to gain from exploring more creative promotional options. The best part is, many people are competing in the virtual space right now, leaving more traditional channels for promotion with less competition and better opportunities.

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