Small Business Insight

compass.thumbnailSmall Business Insight is a newsletter targeted toward – what else – small businesses. It is compiled by a group of business coaches from an organization called Team Nimbus. Their passion is “discovering your unique talents and gifts, and developing systems around the best of who you are.”

They always have great advice in their articles. Below are a few short snippets from this month’s issue:

Do you know the number one thing that STOPS small business owners from having the success they want? It is quite simple actually. The #1 reason small business owners do not have the success they want is that they do not have an adequate number of qualified people to ask for the business. Period.

Are you growing at the rate you want to grow your business? Most small business owners, even moderately successful ones, too often say No. Why? I believe it is because most of us were taught to play by too many irrelevant big business rules and have forgotten this one simple concept: (Click here to find the concept in the article titled, “Good profit over bad”)

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