So You Think You Can Twitter? 10 Helpful Hints to Help You Tweet Better (Part 1)


Ah, the sweet sound of “chirps” emanating from the speakers on my laptop are a gentle reminder that there are thousands of ideas to be exchanged, blogs to be discovered, laughs to be had and friends to be made.  The “chirps” I’m referring to here come from a program called TweetDeck, which is a desktop application used in conjunction with Twitter. Since its inception, Twitter has grown by leaps and bounds; and while there are many people who tweet each day, do they really know what they’re doing when it comes to using Twitter effectively?


5 Helpful Twitter Hints to Sweeten Your Experience

  1. Link it Up! This is one of the mainstays of Twitter; the ability to tweet about new links you’ve discovered to awesome sites.  And while it’s ok to occasionally self-link, it’s often best to avoid over-doing it.  People don’t just want to hear about how awesome you think you are, and you’ll find this out quick once your friend count goes down, you’ve been blocked by several people and your account is on lockdown for “suspicious activity”.  Instead, link to things that are exciting, fun or simply have to do with your niche market.
  2. Sign in! You’ll find that the more often you’re on Twitter, the more people will respond to you.  It sucks to send someone a direct message (DM) or retweet info that they put out only to realize that the last time they signed in was 9 months ago.  You’ll not only lose valuable Twitter friends, you’ll lose credibility as well.
  3. Follow Me! If you receive a message that someone is following you on Twitter, check them out and then follow back if you so choose.  Always make sure that you do a quick scan of their profile to make sure that they’re legit and not some spammy spammer who’s trying to spam you.  Additionally, do not set up your Twitter profile to send other people an automatic DM thanking them for following you…it’s super annoying and may wind up getting your account frozen or dismantled if enough people report you as the “S-word”.
  4. Personalize it! As you become more acclimated to Twitter, you’ll notice that some people tweet really well, talking about a variety of topics, while others tweet about useless, mundane events in their lives.  While it’s ok to discuss your personal life, no one really wants to know that you just “took a shower” are about to “feed the cat” and will later “clip your toenails”.  Exercise some discretion, people!
  5. Don’t be too Angry! With the passing of the recent presidential election, it was quite interesting to see the varying opinions on Twitter- some of which became quite hostile.  While it is ok (and natural) to disagree with your counterparts, know when and how to exercise discretion.  It’s ok to go back and forth in an argument, but try to avoid resorting to name-calling or cursing-it’s not very professional.

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