The Business Checklist: 5 Things You Must Always Check Before Supplying Goods

As a business owner, you’ll know the importance of delivering a high quality product to your customers consistently. The product you ultimately deliver to your customer is a reflection of your business and its search for perfection. As such, there are a number of checks you should carry out every day and on every product before they leave the warehouse. Here’s our essential business checklist top five:

Things You Must Always Check Before Supplying Goods

#1 Health and Safety Certification

Let’s start simple. You can’t make, process or deliver things from your factory unless all of your health and safety certification is up to date.

Without health and safety certification, it’s likely that your insurance is invalid. This could have huge repercussions if there’s an issue you make or someone in the factory is injured, so check your documentation carefully and ensure you know exactly what runs out when.

#2 Staff Training

Secondly, ensure that your staff training is up to speed. Unless your staff are aware of what good health and safety looks like, as well as the repercussions of poor health and safety, they’re unlikely to act upon the advice.

As such, you should hold continual refresher courses on everything from heavy lifting to assembly to operating forklift trucks. Always ensure that your staff members sign paperwork saying that they’ve attended the course, too. This will help you if any problems arise.

#3 Machine Quality and Condition

Thirdly, when you have the health and safety secured, you need to ensure that your staff are working in an environment that’s not only safe, but one that will create high quality products.

As such, you should regularly check your equipment for wear and tear. If picked up early, wear and tear issues can be fixed. But, if you don’t check regularly, they’ll get out of hand and you’ll need brand new equipment. This can be sourced relatively easily from sites like Clarence Jones – but it is still more costly than keeping on top of maintenance.

#4 Quality Control

Once you’ve manufactured your product, you need to ensure that it undergoes extensive quality control checks. This way, you can ensure that no damaged products reach the customer.

At best, a damaged product will lead to a complaint (which is still bad for your business). However, at worst, it could lead to a full product recall, which could cost thousands.

#5 Aftercare Expectations

Finally, ensure you know what your customers are looking for in terms of aftercare and aftersales. This could be something as simple as an automated email to see whether they’re enjoying the product, or regular phone calls and visits depending on the scale of the product you’re offering.

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