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The importance of knowing your audience in marketing


One of the key factors in marketing your business is knowing your target audience.  If you do not know this then you are selling blindly.  It is important to know who your customer is and what their buying habits are.  There are several factors you need to consider in doing this.  Whether your business is small or large you need a targeted approach to your customers and potential customers too.  You should not assume all your customers are alike.

Demographics show you several details about your customer, which then should indicate their buying habits.  According to Alan from Leaflet distribution company Compass Distribution “Demographics are hugely useful marketing tool for your business and allows you to create exceptional selling points.”  Demographics can be segmented into several sections to help your marketing target customers and potential customer more accurately.  The five types of demographics are age, race, gender, income level, ethnicity.  Some companies also track demographics such as education, household and occupation of the customers.

Get a picture of your perfect customer.  Are they male, female, what age are they, where do they live for example.  You can then see if they are married, if they are in employment, what hobbies do they do.  Asking these relevant questions will help you target your potential perfect customer.

One way of thinking of your potential customers is to decide on the right market to pursue. Think about what areas of expertise that you have.  Do you have a specific knowledge of a geographical area?  Do you get on with certain types of people?  All these factors can help you create your target market and customers.

Find out the gender of your customer this will help you a great deal in your marketing.  Men and women have different ways that they purchase goods so it is important to be mindful of this in your marketing.  Different genders have different needs too but do not fall into the stereotypes and offending people and driving customers away.

If you find out the postcode areas where you are distributing leaflets it should tell you the approximate wealth of that area too.  There is not much point trying to sell a high-priced item to an area which is not particularly wealthy. If your business is local based there is no point running an ad campaign that is worldwide for instance.

Find out if your customers prefer a clear message regarding your marketing or do they like more in depth knowledge of something.  This is very important in your copywriting otherwise they will switch off if the language doesn’t resonate with them.

Families can come in all diverse ways, couples, single parents etc.  It can be useful knowing this information to look at their spending habits.  Families with a lot of children may want more low cost items and be more on a budget than say a couple with no children that have the same disposable income.

With all this information gathered you will be able to segment your market and create your ideal customers and know exactly how to market your business to them to.

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