Understanding the Psychology of Your Readers

When you open up your web browser to read someone else’s blog, do you actually know what it is about at the end? Most people tend to read blog posts similar to how they would read a newspaper, which is why it is so important to make sure that you always keep your audience in mind.


The Scanners vs. The Readers

When you read blogs or even when you are surfing the net, do you find yourself scanning content, or do you actually take the time to read things? As I had mentioned in a previous blog, if you think like your audience, you will fair much better. Whenever I log onto the Internet, I usually have a bunch of sites that I really like checking out. Unfortunately, sometimes time does not permit me to sit down and read through each individual blurb or article, etc. But I’m not the only one though. Most people who use the Internet are not cozying up to spend a lot of time reading through any one thing…it hurts your eyes after a while!

If you’re writing a blog for a particular audience, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are they interested in knowing about?
  • Have I provided them with valuable information?
  • Is what I’ve written grammatically correct?
  • What questions have I left unanswered, if any?
  • Is my information to the point, or am I just rambling?

Not all of our blog posts are going to be magnanimous; but if you’re really struggling to come up with a topic, then you’re probably better off skipping the blog for that day or doing something fun to replace it. If all else fails, ask your readers for suggestions regarding topics that they’d like to see discussed. Not only will it give you fresh ideas, but it will help you to better gauge what it is your readers are interested in seeing!

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