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The Top 5 Benefits of Press Releases for Businesses

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Generating press coverage can take a lot of hard work. The content and services offered by your business are your number one concern, but engaging the public is also a vital part of business management. Press releases can secure attention, without resorting to expensive and potentially ineffective advertising, and can be a huge boon for companies for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few of them.

Any Business Can Benefit

No matter the size or scope of your business, there is a platform for your press release, whether it is online, in a local publication, or a national newspaper. A small business can write their own press releases, and aim for attention from any sort of specialist publication in their industry. Getting coverage in a local paper is valuable, even if the distribution is small. A good press release provides an association, potentially online, between your area, your industry, and your business.

Versatile Distribution Over Many Platforms.

Traditional press releases might have once only targeted newspapers, but today there are many different ways to engage the public in your business. An excellent way to ensure your press release has the best impact possible is by hiring a press release service. This implies someone else distributing your press release, finding relevant outlets, blogs, publications, and media sites to reach specific members of your target audience. There may also be more benefits to be gained from seeking professional help with your press release, such as links within particular media or journalistic platforms.

Increased Traffic Online

Distributing a press release online allows you to link back to your own website or social media accounts, thus increasing your online visibility. You may be able to target certain audiences by using specific sites, and tailoring your press releases to the audiences of these sites. You may also gain valuable search engine recognition, especially if your publication platform is local or specific to your industry.

Improving Brand Recognition

Staying in the public eye, especially online and through social media, allows the public to grow familiar with your brand, and the services your company can provide. This is invaluable, and can create an association within the public mind between your industry and your company. Brand recognition amongst journalists, bloggers and other media outlets is also beneficial, helping to build a reputation for your brand as a leader within your industry. Correct branding and relevant press releases can correspondingly help to build a specific reputation for your company while inspiring trust, both from the public and media outlets.

Finally, Increased Sales

Though a press release is not an advert, the benefits listed above may well have a cumulative effect in the eyes of the public. Increased brand recognition, visibility, and trust may potentially lead to new customers. People are more likely to engage with a company of which they have prior knowledge, something press releases definitely provide.


All-in-all, the benefits of press releases can be far reaching, and can have a significant impact upon the image, and the revenue of a company. Press releases allow businesses to reach their customers, and engage with their target audiences, without the risk of losing money to poor or ineffective advertising. It also allows them to connect with the public in a variety of ways, making them an invaluable resource for modern businesses.

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