The Value of Creating Twitter Groups

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Twitter has continued to grow in popularity since its inception back in
2006.  Today, many people and businesses are utilizing this free social
networking/micro-blogging tool in a variety of ways.  Whether it’s to give a
little boost to your site’s traffic or whether it’s just to let your friends
know you’re alive, Twitter is definitely a must for anyone looking to get a leg
in in the social media world.

Equally as popular as Twitter are the growing variety of sites that have
sprung up to work in conjunction with it.  This is where the idea of groups
comes in.

Joining & Creating a Twitter Group

Joining a Twitter group is a great way to connect with a specific group of
people.  For instance, if you like conservative politics, you may want to find
other people who like conservative politics, etc.  Joining a Twitter group is
also great because it puts your name out there, making it easier for others to
find and follow you. Fist, however, you must be a

registered member of Twitter

There are countless ways to find Twitter groups out there.  One way is to
simply use the Twitter “search” tool on the homepage, type in the word “Groups”
and hit the search button.  I have found one Twitter Groups page to be
especially helpful when it comes to joining or creating your own Twitter Group.
You can find the link

Twitter Groups web page provides a fairly lengthy list of the most popular
Twitter Groups in order of how popular they are.  The most popular groups are
listed near the top and so on.  Along the right hand side, in the side bar,
there is a list of links.  Here, you can find a link to “create a group”. Click
on the

create a group
link and simply follow the instructions.  Once
you’re done creating your group, a new window will pop up, bringing you back to
your Twitter homepage, and in your “update” box will be the following (Keep in
mind that the following is an example; Obviously the link for whatever group you
created would replace the link below):

I just made a Twitter Group at… for our running group. Please Retweet.

By “retweeting” this message, you are letting the Twitterverse know that you
created a new group, thereby making it easier for people to join.  All of this
is done to draw attention to yourself as well as whatever your web site happens
to be (which people will inadvertently look at if they’re interested in what you
have to say!)

At the heart of the whole Twitter craze, however, is the need-the desire to
reach out to others.  It’s about building relationships and networking using a
relaxed, conversational tone.  It’s about finding people who share common
interests and exchanging knowledge, information and ideas in a casual way.

Informal conversation is probably the
oldest mechanism by which opinions on products and brands are developed,
expressed, and spread. – Johan Arndt

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