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Whether you are looking at creating an effective email marketing campaign, or you want to freshen up your website, there is one key factor to consider – how to create compelling content. It does not matter if you have the most professional looking website and email templates that look like they have been crafted by a top designer, because if your content isn’t up to scratch, then it can all be pretty much worthless.

Content probably plays one of the biggest parts in marketing. You can identify the best channels to use, find the right audience and send it at the right time, but if your content fails to engage the viewer/reader then your campaign will not be successful. It is as cut and dry as that. To build a successful marketing campaign you must master the art of content creation. Here are some quick tips on how you can build better content:

Get the basics right – Make sure that the simple things like grammar and spelling are spot on. As soon as a reader comes across a typo or spelling mistake, they immediately question the integrity of the source. Making sure that links work, images aren’t distorted, and that any form functionality and navigation is working properly should be your first priority.

Have a content creation schedule – Updating or creating new content when you have the spare time is not the most effective way to create engaging content. A lot of the emphasis in the effectiveness of the content comes down to timing, especially if you have a product or service that will appeal more at certain times of the year.

If you think about a Roofing business for example, the best time to send out an email campaign or to have fresh content on their website would be after windy/stormy weather. If you build a template that is ready to go out as soon as bad weather starts, then you are likely to get much better responses.

The same goes for products that might be more in demand around the Christmas period. Have your email ready to go out at the time when people are deciding what to buy people for Christmas. For holiday companies, target that lull after Christmas when people are sick of the bad weather and want to go somewhere sunny and warm. Timing is huge for content creation.

SEO friendly – The other important thing to consider as part of the content creation schedule is the regular production of content and regular web page updates that will help the website perform better in the search engine rankings. Creating high quality content will go a long way to increasing rankings, as will keyword usage and creating regular new content such as blogs.

Research your target audience – The only way to create content that is highly useful is to understand exactly what your target audience needs from you. Spend time doing research or even send out surveys to find out more about them. Then you can build more customized content that will be well received.

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