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Tips to get the most out of email marketing actions

Knowing the best tips for email marketing actions will help you extract the most value from your emailing campaigns. When you use email to reach your customers, what you most want is for your conversion and opening rates to be high. But do you know howto do it? Here are 5 tips for email marketing actions that will make your emails effective.

  1. The matter

One of the tips for email marketing actions to take into account is to take care of the matter. Next to the name of the person who sends the email, it is the first thing the user reads. Therefore, special attention should be paid to this aspect.

The matter must be clear and brief and focus on a single objective. If you want to achieve profitability in your email marketing campaign, you must write an issue that makes the content of the email clear. Never write something that has no relation with the simple objective that users click on it. It will invoice you in subsequent shipments.

As a tip, include the sense of urgency or numbers in the email message. The opening rate will increase. Do you want to know more about what are the most effective email issues?

  • The time of shipment

It is important to know what the best time to send your messages is. To do this, you must know what time your users are active and willing to listen to what you have to say.

One of the tips for email marketing actions that you should keep in mind is that you have to know your client. You must know when you open your emails and, depending on the type of message, at what time your opening rate will be higher.

That is, if your company is of a social nature, avoid sending email during business hours. However, if you offer training services for workers, the best time may be during working hours. There are also better and worse hours within each option. Analyze your customers and determine which the best time for each segment is.

  • Personalize the email

The emails are customizable. Use this strategy to increase your opening rate. You can customize the subject, using the username or, even, the content can be adapted to your tastes or preferences.

Put yourself in the user’s place. How is it? What kind of information would you like to receive? Based on what you know about them you can create personalized shipments. This way you will get better results.

You can create distribution lists that contain the same message but adapted to each type of user. Thus, you will create customized templates that will be adapted to what each type of person wants to receive.

  •  Take care of the mail body

In addition to the subject, the body of the email is a fundamental part to take into account when designing the email. The mail body must have certain characteristics:

It cannot be excessively long . Above all, you should keep in mind that it is an email and not a landing. The fewer scrolls you force users to do, the better. Therefore, all relevant information must be placed at the beginning.

The call to action must be visible. That is, it must be visualized in the first seconds. It has to be clear, direct and brief.

Do not introduce much text. The newsletters today follow the law of less is more? A striking photo, a title that summarizes the objective of the newsletter and a subtitle that of something more information is the minimum content that you must include.

This is one of the most relevant tips for email marketing actions. Good content will make it easier for you to get the conversions you are looking for.

  • Multi-device

It is increasingly common to use the mobile phone to check emails. Therefore, it is essential that your newsletter is adapted to all types of devices.

Not only should it be seen well on the screen of a desktop computer, but it should be designed with the aim of being reproduced on the mobile. If most users visit your email from your mobile, it does not make sense that your strategy is not responsive. Therefore, create an email marketing campaign that adapts to any screen and is usable. And enter images and texts worked to obtain the expected results in your campaign.

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