Traffic Secrets 2.0 – Social Strategy CD 7 in Review – There are 12 CD’s in the Program

Social media marketing has grown exponentially in the past few years and is
continuing to change and evolve even as we speak. This is why it is so
incredibly important to keep up with the latest techniques and happenings in the
wonderful world of social media networking. It’s no longer just about Myspace or
Facebook. Today, an increasing number of people have begun to realize the value
of social media as it pertains to Internet marketing and overall business
growth. Perhaps then, this is the reason that a man named John Reese has been so
successful in helping hundreds (if not thousands) of entrepreneurs and business
people alike generate tons of traffic to their sites with a little step-by-step
program called

Traffic Secrets 2.0

Traffic Secrets 2.0 sells for $397 and
is worth every penny.

There are so many social media sites out there as well as a plethora of
information about social media programs, networking, etc. that if you’re just
starting out in the social media world, all of this information can seem really
daunting. The program consists of a total of 12 interactive cds, each of which
provides in-depth explanations of how to create “maximum traffic results in
minimum time”. The cds are broken down as follows:

  1. CD#1: The Foundation
  2. CD#2: Market Discovery
  3. CD#3: Keyword Science
  4. CD#4: SEO Dynamics
  5. CD#5: Content Factory
  6. CD#6: Video Marketing
  7. CD#7: Social Strategy
  8. CD#8: AdWords Mastery
  9. CD#9: Advertising Methods
  10. CD#10: Widgets & Software
  11. CD#11: Affiliate Army
  12. CD#12: The Master Plan

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Traffic Secrets 2.0
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The cds are just one part of the program. Also included in the course packet:

  • a 377-page training guide
  • a workbook for tracking your traffic
  • 7 step-by-step action blueprints
  • login for the community forum
  • access to the first Traffic Secrets course that sold for $997
  • TS2 Action Track & Resources
  • & More… so it’s hard to beat for a ONE TIME $397 purchase

‘Social Strategy’ in Review

Being someone who utilizes social media A LOT, I spent some time with

Traffic Secrets 2.0
, specifically with Disc number 7, which deals with
social media strategies and how to implement them. That being said, here is a
breakdown of what I learned:

Social Media Marketing is Growing Fast!

Not only this, but Reese mentioned how 99% of marketers are using social
media WRONG! Contrary to what most people think, social media is NOT for
advertising your products, services or site. In fact, doing this might run you
the risk of damaging your credibility. What social media IS for are things such
as building relationships with other people, allowing yourself to be discovered
as well as increasing the exposure of your business and services. Ideally, it’s
about finding potential prospects in your niche market and then strengthening
that bond with them.

Social media is typically used as a syndication and communications channel.
Syndication simply refers to the process of creating content or
information and then having it distributed, republished and reprinted all over
the Internet. For example, you might make a blog post, and due to the process of
syndication, as soon as your post goes live, it will automatically show up
elsewhere- such as Twitter or your Facebook profile.

Hierarchy of Communication

There are three primary ways that readers subscribe to blogs. And as it turns
out, e-mail marketing is at the top of the list. The common mistake that most
bloggers make is that they rely more on RSS versus e-mail because most bloggers
aren’t marketers. Part of the reason that e-mail is so popular is due to the
sheer fact that is what most people spend time checking each day. Think about

Building Blog Relationships

When it comes to building blogging relationships, Reese suggests several
things- some of which include the following:

  • Find popular blogs in your niche
  • Leave quality blog comments on other blogs
  • Use your real name vs. a cryptic name because it will look more
    authentic = not spammy!
  • Utilize trackbacks
  • Start using Twitter
  • Create a Facebook profile and start using it; it has value!

On Social Strategies

Using sites like Digg (and even StumbleUpon) is great for spiking traffic.
However, it is way more valuable to target 1,000 readers who are more likely to
subscribe to your blog versus the 200,000 people who check in and check out real
quick. Writers should also take advantage of adding social networking widgets to
their blogs. With regards to StumbleUpon (SU), this is an extremely POPULAR
social networking site that tends to drive a lot of traffic to various sits that
are “stumbled”. However, Reese strongly advises against stumbling your
own stuff. If you do stumble your own sites, you should follow the 10:1 rule
which says that for each site of yours that you stumble, you should be stumbling
at least 10 other unrelated sites in the interim.


In summation, here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Social media marketing is both important and valuable
  • In order to increase traffic/sales, DON’T SELL
  • Hierarchy of power in social media= E-mail–Twitter–RSS–Facebook
  • Ask others to comment/Stumble/Digg your stuff- DON’T DO IT YOURSELF
  • Look into syndication in order to put out new content in different
    places at once
  • Always ask yourself, “What’s in it for the audience?” Why do people want
    to listen to you? The reason they listen is because of the value they feel
    they are getting from your content.
  • Don’t be so one-minded to only think, “How Can I drive the most traffic
    to make the most money?”

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