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Unique Ideas for Press Releases

newspaperThink you don’t have anything interesting enough going on in your business to write a press about? Think again! You’re probably sitting on all kinds of great press release topics. It’s just a matter of looking at things in a new way.

One of my favorite ideas came from a great book with a dumb name: Public Relations Kit for Dummies. This is an outstanding book for anyone new or well versed in business promotion. Its authored by Eric Yaverbaum, the Co-Founder and President of the PR Firm Jericho Communications Inc along with Bob Bly, perhaps one of the world’s most well know expert in the copywriting arena.

Anyway, Yaverbaum writes about the time he was tasked with a PR campaign for Domino’s pizza- Pizza! What is there to say about pizza that is new and exciting? Well, that was the challenge, and his team came up with an outstanding way to get pizza on the front page of many newspapers and featured on television.

They noticed internally that when they worked late at the office, they would usually order pizza. Don’t you? Then the thought dawned on them- did this same phenomenon occur at the White House? And if it did, could you in fact gauge the state of national emergencies by the number of pizzas delivered to the White House?

PR Kit for DummiesThey asked the Washington DC Dominos to keep track of the number of pizzas delivered to the White House and found that their hunch was correct. Whenever a national crisis was brewing, the number of pizzas delivered to the Federal offices shot up.

From this, they developed the Pizza-Meter that proved the connection and the story was a huge hit, being featured on the front page of several newspapers, ABC’s Nightline, and Saturday Night Live.

As an insider to your own company, you have access to something that the rest of the rest of the world does not the trends within your industry. That can be fascinating to many people when you connect it to something that people are already curious about.

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