What You Will Gain from Having Your Reputation Professionally Managed


The world of business is becoming increasingly competitive, and this means you need to constantly be focused on making sure people know you and come to you for their products or services. Promoting, marketing, and advertising your business is really easy, particularly thanks to the internet. Easy though it may be, it is also very time consuming. Not just that, just as it is easy for you to put interesting stuff about your company out there, it is equally easy for others to post negative stuff about you. Addressing this is quite complex, and that is why you need the services of a professional reputation management company.

Why You May Have a Negative Reputation

You may think that you do everything right in business. You have an excellent product and fantastic customer service. You run an informative website and you make sure you post on social media quite regularly. Yet, if you were to ask the man on the street what they think about you, their opinion is negative. The reason why this happens is because you cannot control the narrative. People who have a grudge to bear can go anywhere they like and say something negative about you, true or false. And when you consider that 88% of people blindly trust an online review, it suddenly becomes clear why things may not be going to plan.

How You Can Be Helped

There is very little you can do about a business who is so threatened by your market presence that they make up complains just to bring you down. There is also nothing you can do against the internet troll who has decided to pick on you, or about the disgruntled employee who is airing their frustration. What you can control, however, is how easy it is to find those types of reports. And you can control the good things that are being said about you, particularly if you promote your own positive actions.

A reputation management company is equipped with the tools to achieve all of this. They do this by:

  1. Monitoring what is being said about you. You can do the same by creating a Google alert on the name of your business, so that you can immediately be alerted if something is being said.
  2. Teaching you how to respond to negative comments.
  3. Engaging in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which means they will help you to create content and more than increases your search engine rankings, making it easier for people find the good things about you.
  4. Engaging in reverse SEO, which means they will work very hard to make sure the pages on which negative reviews are posted are pushed back to the second page of Google and beyond, where nobody ever looks anyway.

Unfortunately, it is rarely possible to have a negative comment completely removed, with some exceptions, but those exceptions are lengthy and expensive court actions. The above, by contrast are things that can be done much cheaper and that are just as effective.

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