What’s that sound? Dave Thomas spinning in his grave

hamburger.thumbnailI have a lot of respect for Dave Thomas. I think he did the fast food industry a big service by opening Wendy’s. His good food and happy customers philosophy did wonders to move the other fast food chains in the right direction.

I am usually pleased with my service at Wendy’s. However, this past weekend I had a real disappointment. I drove up to the order screen and started giving my order. I couldn’t understand half of what the employee was saying, but, my order displayed correctly on the screen so I moved forward.

When I got to the “pay” window I saw why I was having the problem. The employee was talking on a cell phone. The reason most of what she was saying didn’t make sense was because it was not directed toward me.

She never stopped talking to the person on the phone. She opened the window and said, “$5.90″. Which was what my order came to, but, she didn’t say thank you and she didn’t say please. She gave me my change while still talking on the phone.

I pulled forward to the pick-up window. The person who was at this window was not much better. While he was not on the phone, he never looked at me or talked to me. While looking in a different direction he stuck my drink out the window and held it there until I took it.

The rest of my food was nowhere to be found. After sitting there for a few minutes without anyone saying anything to me a manager walked past the window. She called out as she pasted the window, “Waiting on fries.”

I got my food and went back to the office to eat it. I couldn’t help but think Dave was spinning in his grave if he had seen the poor service I received.

You should always have your employees treat every customer with respect. The customer should receive the employee’s undivided attention while they are being waited on. Every employee represents your company wither you like it or not.

You never know when someone might post about a bad experience on their blog.

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