Why optimising for mobile can give you a competitive advantage

mobile optimization

There is no doubt that mobile optimisation is not only a way of securing a competitive advantage; it’s becoming a necessity if you want to maximise the potential of your online presence. This is due to the swing towards mobile web browsing. Last year browsing using a mobile device overtook browsing on a desktop, for the first time.

This is not just some flash in the pan; the rise of mobile is here to stay. You only need to look at developments such as progressive web apps (PWAs) to know that this is the case. Google helped to develop PWAs and is championing them. These apps help to speed up the whole process of mobile web browsing. Hopefully, you are beginning to see why optimising for mobile is vital for your business.

Why responsive web design is not enough

Many businesses have begun to embrace the benefits of responsive web design. There is no doubt that it provides a good foundation for mobile optimisation, and it’s also Google’s favoured design technique. This is not the end of the story though.

If you want to optimise your website for mobile, you need to consider the mobile experience first. Your website should be designed with this in mind, with changes for desktop where necessary. If you use an online marketing service, you need to make sure that they are on the same page as you, and that mobile is at the forefront of their efforts.

What you need to do

The first aspects you need to concentrate on, when it comes to mobile optimisation, are those that Google looks out for when making its search engine ranking decisions. These points are of high priority from an SEO point of view, and in helping you to provide a good user experience. Both of these considerations are important if you want to gain as much competitive advantage as possible.

  • Is your website easy to read, across all devices? This means that you need to make sure that mobile users can read your content without having to scroll or zoom.
  • Can all content be loaded on a mobile device? This is going to be even more important when the mobile first index is introduced. When this happens, the content on your mobile site will be used in determining your search engine ranking.
  • Is it easy to access buttons and links on a touch screen? You have to make sure that links and buttons are placed in such a way that there are no issues.

This is where you need to start when you are optimising your website for mobile. Doing so will give you an advantage with Google and with mobile device users. This, in turn, gives you an advantage against competitors that are not paying as much attention to their mobile web presence. If you want to be competitive in an ever increasing global market place, you have to work to get the benefit of a large mobile audience.

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