3 Steps to use Instagram for Marketing


Using Instagram has become an almost obligatory activity for young people under 35 years. It has gradually become our favorite graphic log to communicate what we do. It is no coincidence that thanks to its widespread influence is a versatile tool for online commerce tool.

Launched in 2010 and acquired by the social networking giant Facebook two years later, Instagram is a visual channel that has the virtue of keeping in touch with others through images, making the message that is intended to convey more direct and immediate and in a playful way. In the world of digital marketing, there are three main lines of Instagram.

3 Steps To Use Instagram

Business image: Before beginning your advertising in this medium is vitally important that you consider the technical aspects of the site to enter a Instagram account, the page displays a mosaic of images on a template neutral white, which gives visual cleanliness and allows your pictures to be more striking. Each image to be published may be accompanied by a short note, a hashtag and a link to another web site (experts suggest that you use this tool to drive traffic to your site). You could buy Instagram Followers initially to make your account reach and popular.

Create logic and / or narration of your images is really creative work. Ideally, avoid complex images such as computer graphics and texts. If you want to include phrases, remember that they should not occupy more than 20% of the image and should not exceed five words, otherwise you risk losing the interest of the surfer.

Catalogs of products and services: While we mentioned that the main virtue of Instagram is to highlight the attractiveness of published images to your business is the perfect window for advertising. However, before making a strategy based on sales, production line or any other feature of your product or service, please note that the publication of photographs on the platform is chronological, that is the images that have published at the end will be the first to be seen by your contacts. You must have content ideas for Instagram to post well.

Customer contact: For any company that is the pillar of success. Instagram this can be done by sharing pictures of your brand with other users, respond post measure time and frequency of publications. You feel about present or dynamic using labels geo-tagging that allows your contacts from where the picture was taken published; and finally be true to your style without falling into monotony.

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