5 Tips to Help Promote Your Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Using Social Media


With more and more cosmetic surgeries coming to light, it’s important yours stays ahead of the competition. Many cosmetic surgeries overlook online marketing and advertising to obtain new clientele. Instead, they prefer the traditional marketing approach to attract local custom. However, digital marketing is the powerhouse in marketing these days, regardless of the industry you serve, so you’re missing out on heaps of interest if you don’t opt for the digital marketing strategies such as the one social media offers. If you’re looking to expand into social media marketing, here are a few tips to get the best out of your online presence.

Set Out Some Goals

Your social media marketing efforts aren’t going to be as effective if you don’t plan in advance. Try to come up with a strategy that benefits the demographic you’re targeting. That way, you’ll be able to better digest what content to market to a specific audience.

Show Off Your Tools on Social Media

We would like to think that, even as a small cosmetic surgery in the middle of nowhere, you’d still have some sort of social media presence. After all, it’s free, and it can boost brand exposure. The chances are you aren’t taking advantage of the benefits in front of you, so it’s time to change your strategy. Firstly, you need to regularly update your page with new content, and there’s no better way of doing this than showing pictures of the tools you use to make people feel confident again. If you offer cosmetic skin surgery with the help of laser equipment, show off pictures of the technology you use (this is where buying lasers, preferably the latest ones, come into play). Showing your tools of the trade will help make customers feel more comfortable.

Engage with Your Audience Regularly

Your audience will get bored if you regularly post content, but you don’t respond to any questions. It’s time to take action and spend a few minutes of your day showing your audience you’re human after all. Not only will this boost exposure on social media, but it could also play a role in promoting your brand in the search engines – something that’s very important to gaining organic traffic.

Show Your Human Side

By engaging with your audience on social media, you’re going to create brand exposure as stated above. However, there are other ways you can show your human side, one way of doing this is to take the odd photo of you and your employees. Taking a selfie while you’re using dangerous laser equipment on a patient is an excellent way to show what you’re all about. Of course, you shouldn’t do that, but you get the picture…

Create a Posting Plan

There’s no point posting at midnight when everyone’s asleep – it’s just a waste of time. Consider your Facebook/Twitter insights to see what demographics you’re attracting and cater to their needs. Posting consistently throughout the day is usually a good start, but there are other tips to consider in this part of the promotion – here’s a helpful guide.

Thanks to social media marketing, you literally have endless opportunities what it comes to building a strategy. If you’re willing to pay attention to your social media insights to create a plan, and consistently provide content to your audience, there’s no reason why your surgery can’t benefit from an influx of new customers.

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