5 Ways Healthcare Services Can Benefit from Social Media

social mediaSocial media is a powerful and transformative tool used by businesses and organizations in almost every industry worldwide. One industry that is strangely remiss in harnessing the power of social media, however, is healthcare. With hundreds of millions of users on platforms like Facebook and Twitter using social media to find information on local healthcare providers, building a firm online presence is an effective way to connect, interact and communicate with patients and health professionals alike.

Increase Your Presence in the Local Community

Social media is an extremely efficient way to increase your presence in the local community. By providing patients with the ability to locate your services on platforms such as Google+ and Google Maps, or to drop feedback on Facebook and leave reviews, members of the local community are able to seek out first hand experiences when assessing healthcare services.

Share Health Tips & Advice

Providing information to the patients that follow you on social media in the form of health tips or snippets of information on healthy lifestyle choices helps your patients connect with your practice on a personal level. By posting topical and helpful information, such as best ways to avoid getting sick during flu season or sharing health advice articles from third party resources, you increase the trustworthiness and relevance of your healthcare service.

Build Rapport with Patients

The vast potential of social media to facilitate dialogue between patients and healthcare professionals is a powerful way to reach out to your local community. Maintaining an active presence on social media, whether by responding to comments and reviews left by patients or by providing a method of booking consultations via social media platforms, helps your patients feel cared for and connected.

Network with Medical Professionals

Platforms such as Doximity, a social media platform solely dedicated to networking between doctors and healthcare professionals, and professional networking site LinkedIn, present a host of opportunities to network and connect with industry colleagues both locally and internationally. By creating a network of specialist health professionals that are able to refer patients to each other for expert medical care, youre both increasing care quality for your patients and increasing the volume of care you are able to deliver.

Human Resources Applications

Both professionals seeking employment in the healthcare industry and students seeking potential residency or advice frequently use social media platforms to engage potential employers. Many students that are working towards becoming an accredited MSN in nursing administration use social media to evaluate potential workplaces online before application, presenting an opportunity to expand your MSN administration via social media.


By harnessing the power of social media, its possible to create meaningful, personal connections between physicians and patients as well as enhance the administrative processes and local influence of any healthcare service.

Far from presenting a risk of causing HIPAA violations, which causes many practices to shy away from online platforms, social media when used correctly is a great way to tailor your practice to the needs of your patients. If youre seeking to grow your practice and presence as a trusted healthcare provider, social media is an indispensable asset.

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