7 Ways to Engage Your Instagram Followers Better

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Are you looking to building your Instagram following and keep growing your audience for brand promotion? You can buy Instagram likes and build a quick following.  With Instagram boasting over 500 million active users there is every reason to invest in likes to promote your brand.  To keep your followers hooked in this highly competitive environment, you have to stay in your customers’ faces and stay relevant.

Engagement is the key to staying on your followers’ radar. You can improve it in a number of ways.

  1. Call to Action

While Instagram bans links in posts, you can include your CTA on your photo. Those followers who double tap on the image will improve the likes. You can simply ask them to tag their best friends which will multiply the likes.

  1. Catchy hashtags

Create relevant hashtags that are related to your business or what you are promoting.  If you are promoting pizzas on a Thursday, for example, you could a hashtag like #TBTpizza Thursdays. Staying trendy with trending hashtags will help you ride the wave of the hashtags to your benefit.

  1. Captivating captions

Captions are a great way to tell a story behind the picture. IG limits the number of characters to 2,000.  Short captions are good for capturing the imaginations of your followers. If you need to tell a good story, do not be afraid to push the number of words you need to use. Go above 1,000 if you need to and remember to include your hashtags. Remember to use emojis to add a twist to your captions

  1. Shout-outs for shout-outs

This is where you promote other brands to your followers. Look for brands that have a similar target audience.  Send a public or private request to do the S4S.  If you do this with a brand that has a larger following, you will attract their target audience as well and have a big boost for your brand visibility.

  1. Tweak ‘location’ for your CTA

If you need to include a clickable link in your post, you could use the Location tool which will make your link appear below your profile and above your comment.  Tap the 3 dots at the bottom left of your image, cancel the request to turn on location services, use create a location to use your link on the custom location space.

  1. Comment and like back

This is the best way of showing your followers that you are interested in what they are saying.  Keep liking interesting relevant content and comment on what you think you think can create conversations.

  1. Contests

Reward your followers with Instagram contests which will help create a buzz around your brand.

Over 60% of Instagram users log in every day and 50% of these follow brands; what better way can you find to promote your brand?

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