How to Make Communication in Your Workplace More Efficient


Workplace communication is something we do at work every day. It is how we interact with our coworkers and managers. Its by asking questions, relaying customer messages, the emails we write, or how we hold discussions in meetings. Workplace communication is vital not only for us to complete our individual tasks but for the collective productivity. Efficient and effective communication ensures the effective coordination of effort. It strengthens interpersonal and team relationships.

However, just like personal communications, miscommunication can occur in the workplace. While this may be resolved easily, there are instances where it may develop into resentment, missed client obligations, and lawsuits. Miscommunication should therefore be identified and resolved as soon as possible.

Here are some tips to make workplace communication more efficient and avoid miscommunication:

Have a common communication platform – If your different teams have different communication platforms, then it is harder to get them on the same page. Some teams will have information that others dont and keeping track of the different platforms will be difficult, to say the least. A team may be using emails, while another team may be using a messaging app on social media. An employee who belongs to both teams will have to check both platforms in addition to ensuring that their work is done correctly.

When you have one office communication app that is in use by all teams, then communication is easier to manage. Communication is also easier to establish between teams if they are on the same platform. Office communications apps like Beekeeper provide a platform for top-down and lateral communication. And since it is a mobile communication platform, then non-desktop workers can access them allowing the company to reach more workers than traditional email or other desktop services.

Establish a communication process Company communications must be released by specific point-persons who are responsible for the communication. This ensures that any information is correct and authorized. Any feedback or questions can then be addressed to the correct person to avoid miscommunication.

Embrace enterprise social networking Enterprise social networking is being used as an alternative for emails. This is especially true for businesses that have a large number of non-desktop users without emails. With the familiar format of non-office social media, enterprise social networking does not produce email stress and is more palatable to most users.

Make product and services information accessible – All parts of the business must have a common terminology. This ensures that when you talk to someone in another department about a product, you are confident that you are both talking about the same thing. Your workers do not need to know everything about your product and services; in some cases it may even be impossible to know everything. However, your workers will need to be able to refer to the information if they find that they are having a miscommunication issue.

Communication is interpersonal – Ensure that your workers have interactions with each other, not just in their own teams but the teams that they regularly work with. It can be a training workshop, meeting, or a company party. By engaging with other teams, workers dont stagnate and phrase their communication to just something that their team will understand. Theyll learn to communicate to a more diverse audience.

These interactions can also be used for dialogue and to sort out any miscommunication. In a multicultural work environment, it can help workers in understanding diversity and the cultures of others minimizing the barriers of language and culture. Workers are then able to communicate better when they know the audience that theyre talking to.

Efficient and effective workplace communication is important for any business. It can help your teams be productive and meet your obligations to your clients and customers. It helps in maintaining employee engagement and strengthens teamwork.

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