Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Could Be Making Right Now


Social media marketing involves marketing to potential customers through various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Some people seem to think that these online platforms are simply new channels, and they can add them to other traditional channels like TV, radio, print ads, and billboards. But the truth of the matter is that it’s actually a new form of marketing, and it has its own special rules.

So if you’ve been treating SMM as just another marketing channel, perhaps you’ve committed some of the mistakes we’ve listed here:

  1. You’re not using the same voice and style on social platforms as you are with your other marketing platforms. This often happens when you don’t integrate your SMM initiatives with your other marketing initiatives. You can end up with a split personality for you brand and you may just confuse the people you’re trying to reach.

You’re probably heard that on your various web pages and online listings you need to keep your brand name, location, and phone number consistent across the board. For your marketing initiatives, the same is true for your language, tone, and style. You can’t be formal and exact in your language on print ads, and then try to be cool and casual on social media platforms. It doesn’t make your brand authentic and people are more apt to distrust your brand instead.

  1. You expect results quickly. Success in SMM takes a longer period of time. It’s inherent in the very nature of the platform—it’s more intimate and personal. Prepare for at least 6 months to a year before you see concrete results. With SMM, the point is to forge deeper relationships so you can end up with a vocal and deeply loyal customer base. Friendships like that take time to foster. They don’t happen overnight. So pulling the plug after a month is a very common mistake, unfortunately.
  2. You’re taking your community participants for granted. So you have a forum, a blog, or a Facebook page and you’re getting comments and contributions from your community members. Be happy, and then reward them. This makes your community members feel valued and they’ll be happy too.

The reward doesn’t have to be substantial. It can be just special discounts or invitations to your shop or restaurant for a special event. You may also give them advanced information regarding future services and goods that you’re considering to offer. Just make them feel special, and they’ll continue to be enthusiastic and helpful members of your community.

  1. You’re bothering customers who don’t really want to hear from you. The key here is to recognize when you have the customer’s permission to engage. If you don’t, you’re basically just spamming your potential customers. This often happens with SMS messages on smartphones. Sometimes it also happens on social media.

One obvious case of spamming is when you go to a competitor’s website and then start promoting your brand when others make complaints about your competitor. That’s not exactly a nice thing to do, and you’ll annoy a lot of people. You shouldn’t also tweet about subjects that don’t really concern your brand, especially about social issues.

Instead, your voice would probably be more welcome when you respond to complaints about your brand. So if people wonder about what to do when you sell them items that break down, it’s time for you to speak up and send suggestions. People who ask questions about your brand have basically given their permission for you to engage them!

SMM isn’t really easy, and it takes a lot of time and effort. Although it is something you can take on on your own, hiring a dedicated pro to do it for your brand will garner the best results quicker.

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