The Human Touch: Customer Engagement Beyond the Numbers

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is essential in any sales department. These days, there is a lot of interaction that does not involve the human touch, especially online, but the personal touch is essential when it comes to customer engagement.

The human touch helps to differentiate your brand from the competition. You cannot build relationships using automated systems alone, and your voice is incredibly important. It is especially important for high-value sales, but customers always appreciate the personal touch, whether going into a shop or visiting a website.

Automation can be excellent, and if you use specialist lead management software, you can take advantage of multiple benefits including time savings. But the personal touch is something powerful and necessary. Here are some ways that personal interaction can be used to boost customer engagement.

Build Trust with Relevant Content

Content is the backbone of online activity, and you should be doing what you can to make sure it is not only high quality content but also relevant for your customers. For example, when you write emails, make them personal. You may not be able to write emails individually each time, but you can address the recipients by name and segment them so that they only receive appropriate content.

Encourage user-generated content in the form of blog comments and opinions, either on your site or your social media platforms. Let your audience contribute and they will form a closer relationship with your brand.

Reward Loyalty

Surprise your customers and make them feel special. Look for your most loyal customers and then reward them with personal communication, offers, free services, and more. Sometimes even a simple thank you written personally from you can go a long way. For example, you may want to say thanks to someone who leaves a positive comment on your social media profile.

Speak to Customers One-to-One

Always try to speak directly to customers when you can, because a human voice can go a long way. Even if you have an automated calling system in place, make it easy for your audience to get through to a real person. Avoid sending stock email replies where possible and try to send personal emails instead. Even when you are writing an email to multiple recipients, write as if you are only writing to one person to make the communication more personal.

Use Big Data

Big data does not sound personal, but you can use it to personalize the digital experience. You can collect lots of information about your customers, and you can then use this to create a more targeted experience online. If your customers come across content, products, and ads that are more targeted to their personal interests, this can boost engagement significantly.

Listen to Feedback, and Learn from It

Collect feedback from your customers in any way you can, and find out what they like and dislike. Let them know you are listening to their complaints and comments wherever they make contact with you, whether via email or on your social media profile. Provide short surveys on your website and thank your visitors for answering the questions. Then make sure you use the information you gather to improve your service where you can.

Engage with Your Customers Using the Personal Touch

It is easier than ever to automate processes, whether in your sales department or online. But don’t forget about the power of the human touch. Use every opportunity to reach out to your customers, to speak to them, and to make them feel special, and then reap the rewards.

William McCaulley is an experienced freelance marketing consultant. He always appreciates the opportunity to offer hi insights with an extended audience online. His previous posts on this subject can be found across numerous websites.

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