The key to getting followers on Twitter

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If you have reached this page is because you know the tremendous potential of Twitter as a marketing tool Online for your business, but as happens 95% of companies do not know what to do to take full advantage. Today Twitter has over 200 million registered users and is growing at a rate of 300,000 new users every day. Precisely why Twitter is a perfect platform for.

  • Drive more traffic to your website for free
  • Getting a perfectly segmented list of fans and potential customers of your products and services
  • Getting to position yourself and your company as an expert in your market
  • Get new customers and thus increase sales of your business or company
  • Put your brand every day in front of hundreds of users segmented FREE
  • The big problem you have is you do not know where to start to achieve these results using Twitter, and do not want that you forward your competition.

Do not believe the myth of social networks that are read in the media and that some “gurus” try to sell you.

It is fashionable in all media, radio and television media and some self-proclaimed “gurus and experts Social Media” spread the wonders of social networking as a tool for online marketing. According to them or have, it seems that just because you think a Twitter or Facebook you were to rain customers and sales of your business will be multiplied by 100. But, as you yourself have probably already seen, it is far of reality. It is absolutely true that social networks, specifically Twitter can be a great tool to get traffic, build brand, connect with customers and potential customers segmented and generate new sales. However, to achieve this, you must know very well how this platform works, you should establish a plan of action and you must use the correct processes to automate and optimize the time taken to get the best return tools. Here we are discussing on getting more followers for Twitter.

How does Twitter work? When people on Twitter can learn that your account exists?

When you follow they will receive an email in your personal account and most will go to your Twitter account to see who follows. If you are interested in information, they will follow them too. Then: FOLLOW to follow you!

When someone does “retweet” your tweets these retweets will appear on the Twitter profile of the person who made the retweet, so that will be seen by his followers. Eye to your tweets are “retweeted” You have to give very good content.

When someone tweets your articles from your blog, to enable this, you must insert a plug-in that allows readers of your blog to “tweet” your content. Thus, when someone finds your interesting article, will be able to share on Twitter. When we share in Twitter, your article will be seen by the followers of the person who made the tweet. The more followers you have this person going to get more public and more likely than other people to continue to “retwetear” making a string expand your article, and thus your name.

When you congratulate someone who just tweet something you like, it’s likely that this person thank you. When thank you, to know that the message is for you to put your “Twitter name”, which will promote you to their followers. If the person still has taken time to send a tweet directed especially to you, your information is probably worth and who want to follow you too!

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