The Magic of Teams

the-magic-of-teamsIf seven 4th graders can work together to build a fully functioning robot that can accomplish 12 different tasks, a group of freethinking entrepreneurs (such as yourself if you’re reading this blog) can accomplish just about anything they set their mind to.

I learned just how much a team effort can accomplish back in 4th grade when I was one of 7 kids in school chosen to compete in an Odyssey of the Mind competition.Our task was to use $100 to build a robot that could move about and accomplish a variety of tasks such as to turn on a light and start music playing.I’m not sure if any one of us could have done it alone, but together we took home the gold in the regional competition.

Many of the most well revered success coaches talk the great power in surrounding yourself with amazing people.Are you?

Entrepreneurs are a unique bunch, and it can sometimes be difficult to find a group of people that you really jive with people that lift you up and bring great ideas, a limitless mindset, and positive energy to the table but when you find them, the results can be phenomenal.

How to meet amazing people

Collaborate on Projects

Entrepreneurs tend to end up doing everything themselves, but the power of one is simply no match for the exponential power of a successful team. There’s a book on my ‘to-read’ list titled ‘You Don’t Have to Do It Alone: How to Involve Others to Get Things Done, that has outstanding reviews and looks excellent.Collaborating with others is a great way to find out how someone is in a working relationship without being tied down.If you’re a good match and lift each other up, there’s no doubt you’ll come up with tons of other great ideas during the course of the project and move on to even bigger and better things.If it doesn’t work out, move on.

Mastermind Groups

According to success coach Jack Canfield, the basic philosophy of a mastermind group is that more can be achieved in less time when people work together. The common thread with a mastermind group is that every person has a fire to become successful. Group members may not be in your industry at all  that’s really not the point. The point is that these people empower you, challenge you, and inspire you to achieve what you know you are capable of achieving. Check out Craigslist, newspapers, or search online for people looking to create mastermind groups in your area. If you don’t find one, why not start one?

Online Social Networking

There have never been more opportunities to connect with people than there are today and online social networking communities are a great place to find them. Introduce yourself and speak frankly. A lot of communication on social networking sites is just small talk. Don’t be afraid to get in there are really start connecting with people if they seem receptive.

Be receptive

On that note, be someone that is approachable and receptive. Some people just seem like they don’t want to be bothered (you know the type). If you’re coming off that way, you may be closing yourself off to meeting some really amazing people. Let your guard down and make it known through friendly comments and an open profile that you open to connecting with new people.

Don’t be afraid to drop dead weight

Whether you’re a business owner or a freelancer, if you’re working with people or for clients right now that you feel are dragging you down and not helping you achieve your full potential, don’t be afraid to look for others to surround yourself with. There’s just not enough time in life to deal with people that are taking away from your success rather than adding to it.

Have you been fortunate enough to have found a great team?  Where did you meet the amazing people that have helped you to expand your goals and grow your business?

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