Top Tips for Increasing Your Social Media Following

likeSocial media marketing is a simple and cost effective way to grow your business or blog effectively. However, to make it truly successful and worth your time, you will need to grow your social media followings first. The first thing you need to do is decide which platforms you want to focus on. With so many options out there, it wont be possible to give them all your attention. Here are the main platforms you should consider, and some great tips to help you gain followers.


Pinterest is a brilliant way to share your content. As it grows, and collects more users, Pinterest is more and more often being used as a search engine, so its an important tool to use. To make your social media profiles look professional and create an instantly recognizable brand, youll want to use your branding and color scheme for all your pictures and covers. With Pinterest, however, you should also design individual board covers using your branding and fonts. To grow your Pinterest followers, make sure you are an active user, not just pinning your own pages. Join groups, and comment on the pins of other users. Be sure to keep your boards clean and easy to follow, by checking that all links are live and adding helpful descriptions.


Instagram can be surprisingly useful. While you cant post links with your images, you can include one in your bio, so be sure to include your homepage. To grow your following, youll want to keep things clean, and easy. Use the same filter for all your pictures and try to stick to the same kind of themes. Let your viewers see a little of your real life without overwhelming them with every little detail. Keep it relevant to your blog niche. Be sure to like other pictures, and comment on as many as you can.


Twitter moves incredibly quickly, so utilize the list feature to keep your followers separated into groups. The best way to gain followers on Twitter, is to share other peoples tweets, reply to questions and chat to people. Twitter is great for sharing content, but its also incredibly social.


Facebook is a great place to share larger posts as well as photos and links. If you need any advice, Facebook groups are a great place to start. If youre looking to write an article about criminology jobs, ask for advice from those in the industry. However, like Twitter, Facebook requires you to give a lot back. Give others advice if they ask for it, and make sure you are friendly and polite at all times.

Other platforms are worth looking at, but first look at your target audience. If you run a student blog, something like Tumblr which attracts a younger audience might be worth thinking about. Whichever platforms you use, make sure your content is relevant and helpful. For example, that student blog could offer careers advice, explaining jobs in criminal justice or the healthcare sector amongst others. Ask yourself what information your audience need, and how they would share it. Then you can make your decisions.

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