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10 Essential Binary Options Tips for Beginners


Binary options trading is an excellent way to earn extra money with minimal risk in a short span of time. The trade has massively gained popularity all over the world and thousands of people are benefiting from it. However, for beginners, this is not a cake walk.

As you will be investing some of your hard earned money, it is important to operate with the right strategies in order to get ahead. If you have been planning to enter the world of binary options, here are a few tips that you must apply in order to be successful:

1. Get Help from a Good Binary Options Broker

Any beginner trader will find value in working with a good binary options broker who will let them know about the field and all that it has to offer. Finding a good broker may be challenging but it is always advisable to trade with someone who really knows his work. This will make all the difference. There are a number of review websites to visit that will make this choice easier for you as a beginner. Always settle for binary brokers that are listed on these websites, but don’t stop at the first one. Visit as many review sites as possible and see if there are any choices that are constantly being mentioned. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion from people in the field.

2. Learn All That You Need to Know About the Field

The one mistake that many beginners always make is not being well-informed about binary options as a trade. As such, it is important for beginners to increase their knowledge in the field of the trade through training courses and by reading up on the subject. A good broker can also assist you with this and some trading platforms have an educational component to them, such as Stern Options. Make sure that you learn everything there is to learn about binary options before you even start. Paid courses and YouTube videos can be a good option, as long as they are from reputable sources.

3. Don’t Overinvest

Many beginners only want to make one big score. While this is understandable, it is not the way to go. Self-control is paramount if you want to get anywhere in this business. If you do not over-invest, you will not have a lot to lose. Binary options advise beginners to use rational thinking when making an investment.

Consider yourself as a new driver who has just earned a driving license. You cannot be cocky and over-confident with your vehicle. In the same way, beginners should also pace themselves and learn the ropes first.

4. Only Trade with Your Risk Capital

Trading is always a risk. Therefore, before embarking on the binary options trading path, set aside a risk capital that you will trade with. Do not use your savings. Binary options traders do not hit their height of success immediately, it takes a lot of time and perseverance. As such, you cannot afford to lose any important savings.

5. Join a Legitimate Social Trading Group

The best kind of social trading groups send out valid trading signals. Make sure that you pick a group that is safe and secure. It should also have a proven track record (an average of 70-80%) of successful trades. Weekly webinars, live trading sessions, and educational sessions should also be offered by the group.

6. Trade on a Demo Account

As a beginner, it is only logical for you to trade on a demo account. This will offer you a chance to trade risk free and understand how the platform works. Most traders offer free trading demo accounts, and they are perfect for beginners or for trying new strategies. However, some brokers expect you to open a live trading account immediately. I would advise against this unless you already have significant experience.

A demo account is invaluable in the course of your learning process. Again, don’t go for demos that are too complicated for you to understand as a beginner.

7. Invest in All of the Right Trading Tools

If you’re just getting started as a binary options trader, you should invest in the proper set of tools. Robots and signal software systems will always enhance your trading abilities and are essential for any beginner.

Avoid get rich schemes at all costs, these are always scams. Only go for trading tools that have been tested by real traders.

8. Do Not Be Hasty, Take Your Time

Unfortunately, many new traders are not patient. The sheer nervousness of the market presents opportunities that many do not want to lose out on. Therefore, it is not advisable to make rush decisions. This usually leads traders to the wrong entry points.

The market operates on a supply and demand basis. Buyers are still willing to buy when the price is high, therefore, the price is pushed higher. In this case, you should be a good judge of the best time to buy and sell.

9. Always Look at the Terms and Conditions, Just to Be Sure

When beginners open an account with a binary broker, they should always familiarize themselves with important information such as bonus turnovers, withdrawals and other restrictions. You do not have to go through the whole document but ensure that you clearly read the terms and conditions and what they have to offer. Without reading them, you will be blindly agreeing to a contract that you do not understand. This can be tedious and time consuming but it is well-worth it.

10. Don’t Be an Emotional Trader

Novice traders make the mistake of letting their emotions control them. On the other hand, experienced traders know that luck does not get you ahead. Good skills and thorough analysis are the only things that will allow you to get sustainable success in the trade. If you are having a bad trading day, it is advisable to stop trading for the day as you will not be thinking clearly and you can incur a lot of losses.

Binary options trading should be based on pure luck. Trust your strategy and develop the right analytical skills. Even as your trading skills get better, the learning process is endless. However, with these few tips, you should avoid many of the pitfalls new traders are committing.

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