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3 Reasons You Should Go with a Prefabricated Airplane Hangar

One of the major selling points of prefabricated steel buildings is how quickly they can be assembled. The price of prefabricated buildings is also much lower on average and has much lower installation costs as well. But there are many other advantages to prefabricated structures that make them perfect for airplane hangars. Here are a few of them.

Airplane Hangar
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Aircraft hangers are prone to fires, whether it is spilled fuel or solvent ignited by a smoker’s carelessly tossed butt or a dragged chain’s sparks igniting a fire. Prefabricated steel airplane hangars are by definition fireproof.

As a matter of fact, you’ll receive lower insurance premiums if you store the plane in a steel hangar for that reason. The fact that it protects your aircraft from high winds and hail is simply part of the package. In addition, SteelMaster buildings are made to resist insects, mold and other annoyances, which is another plus.

Low Maintenance

Steel buildings stand out for their low cost. But they’re also appreciated by their owners for being low maintenance. They won’t rot or crack like wood buildings. And you never have to replace the roof.

If a major windstorm manages to lift up part of the roof, it is rather simple to have it pulled back down and reattached instead of having a wood deck replaced. Unlike timber buildings, they don’t have to be repainted every few years either.


One benefit of steel buildings is that they can fit all sizes and styles of construction. For many customers, the fact that you can customize it both inside and out is critical. If you want sliding doors wide enough to wheel in one or more planes at a time, you’ve got it. If you want to add on to the building later to provide room for another aircraft, it is far simpler to do with a steel building than a brick and mortar one.

Steel buildings are easier to customize on the drawing board and after they have been built. You can choose how many windows it may have or none at all. If you need to cut out another access door, so be it.

You can order the building to have the supports and infrastructure to support a workbench, mechanic’s workstation or anything else you need. Tell the engineers you need to install a lift that hangs from the rafters, and they’ll design it to handle the load.

You could arrange to have a bathroom or office built into the hangar too if you’d like. Putting in several offices, training areas, waiting rooms and restrooms is straightforward. And your ability to customize the building isn’t limited to the interior. You can have it built with specific styles of trim or painted a particular color on the outside, and the offices and other public spaces can be built to resemble part of an office park instead of placing these spaces inside of the hangar itself.


If you want to put up a building that will protect your aircraft against all threats, a prefabricated steel building is your best choice. The fact that you can design it to incorporate other functions, alter it at will and not have much maintenance work to do are simply more justifications.

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