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3 Ways to Increase Job Satisfaction Among Your Team


One of the biggest challenges in the workplace is keeping your staff motivated and inspired. You can be an effective leader and an understanding manager, but if employee engagement is lacking, staff and company performance will suffer at every level. The good news is, there are ways that you can increase productivity and turn things around in a sustainable way. Read on to learn more.

Motivational Speakers

Think about great speeches in history, at work or even in your place of worship and how they inspired you. If this has ever happened, you know the power of the right words coming from someone who knows how to use them effectively. Companies like MCP Speakers provide companies, schools and other organizations with professionals who can deliver an inspiring message and address your staff in a way that’s meant to elicit a response.

Motivational speakers often connect with their audience on a personal level by sharing their own stories. These can include how they overcame adversity when all seemed lost or beating the odds when faced with a devastating illness. They also lend a little objectivity. Since they aren’t directly involved with your company, they can come at their subject from a bigger-picture perspective. If they are industry professionals, they can share secrets of success from the POV of an insider. Infusing staff members with a can-do attitude and examples of how to put it to use can work wonders on morale and team confidence levels, and a professional motivator is one way to achieve that.

Team Building Exercises

Where not talking about your average trust exercises, but meaningful ways that your staff can develop skills like conflict resolution while bonding over a fun activity, The best of these take you and your staff out of the office and into a new environment that forces them to work together in a way that doesn’t feel forced. Making it a recurring will keep the momentum and inspiration going.

There are several companies that organize team building nights and even adventure weekends. Ideas include cooking classes, painting parties and canoe trips. Anything that’s enjoyable, that can become a regular event and produces results is fair game.

Employee Wellness Programs

Stress and lack of motivation are the two most common reasons for dissatisfaction in the workplace. Engaging motivational speakers and incorporating team building into the corporate climate will help with the latter and go a long way toward relieving the former; a robust wellness program will help keep the physical and mental effects of stress at bey.

There are two ways to go about this. The first is to find a spa or wellness center that offers a group program. The other is to have a massage therapist or counselor visit your company and provide services on a recurring schedule. As an added bonus, this could help lower your group health insurance rates, as many insurance companies are advocating such programs to induce better health outcomes.

Be the boss that everyone loves to work for by making your environment an efficient, supportive place that’s a joy to work in. Any investment you make toward inspiring your workforce will be returned with higher quality staff, reduced employee turnover and lower rates of absenteeism.

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