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4 Tips for Improving Cohesiveness and Communication in the Office


It’s been shown that teams who get along well perform better. The level of cohesiveness and good communication, along with a shared sense of team work produce improved results for businesses paying attention to the little things.

Here are four ways to create better team performance in the office.

What’s the Mission?

A department or team without a shared goal creates a collection of individuals who don’t work well together. Put your heads together to come up with what the goals should be, divide up responsibilities for each part and go ahead with pushing hard towards each goal’s achievement.

Choosing the appropriate team member for each task is critical for their achievement, as is a sensible timeline. It is a good idea to create two goals; the main goal and a stretch goal for outsized performance. If there’s a way to reward achievement of the stretch goal, then that’s likely to push the team to win.

Focus on Improving Communication

Poor communication leads to all sorts of problems for a business. Unclear objectives, a lack of focus, and confusion over the right steps to take. You need to look at ways to improve communication that will work with your team and not disrupt it. There’s no point having a meeting if all it does it slow people down.

Consider using the latest communication tools like slack to allow discussion about tasks in real-time. Other task management apps such as Wunderlist allow the sharing of task lists and assignments to members within the team with set timelines.

Encourage Feedback from All Members of the Team

To ensure that everyone feels heard, it’s important that individuals feel that they’re being listened to. Whether that’s the manager being open to discussing sensitive topics or being accepting of suggested new approaches to a problem, encouraging feedback is important for people to feel they are valued.

Quality feedback and good communication are linked. The faster a company grows, the more employees join the team, and the more unwieldy it becomes. With fast growth, there is a greater risk of a loss of clear lines of communication with a fracturing of the human connection as a result.

Take a Team Day Trip

It’s a great idea to get out of the office some days to take a trip. Whether this is to a sporting event, a restaurant sit down meal or to a golf course with excellent golf course management that demonstrates to the team how service should be delivered, fun and education need not be separate.

Tailor the type of activity to the group you’re bringing along. Perhaps put it to a vote with a list of suggestions made by staff and then have a poll taken based on that submitted list of initial venue ideas. This makes it very fair and democratic.

When there’s failures in execution, or a team fails to perform, it’s often found that communication and teamwork were lacking, which led to the issue. Paying attention to clear lines of communication and effective teamwork reduces the likelihood of problems arising and is likely to improve overall business performance too.

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