Accenting Your Small Business With Key Details

Creating a product or service that really serves a purpose is only a small part of a business. Getting that concept to the masses and serving them with pride takes years of dedication and smart marketing. As you build a new business, consider some of the key details that really make it shine. Subtle elements keep customers happy with repeat business in the future.

The Human Answer

It’s easy to set up a robotic, answering service for your business. However, stand out from the crowd with an actual person on the other line. When customers call your business, they’ll be greeted with a friendly voice. There are online answering services that can offer this element for your business if its not possible to always pick up the phone at your facility. Being greeted by a person tells the caller that you care about the business and clientele.

Packing Tape Finesse

Shipping products to customers is part of the online-sale scenario. Don’t create a basic-looking shipment with beige tape and cardboard boxes. Use polypropylene tapes to decorate every shipment. These adhesive tapes can be customized to reflect your company’s name, logo or catch phrase. Upon receipt, your customers will see this tape and know that the item is immediately from you. The shipment also has to pass through several hands to get to its final destination, which means that you’re advertising the company with every shipment by using the customized tapes.

Customer Service Counts

Put your customers first by going above and beyond the normal, customer service. Offer suggestions, give out samples and keep up relationships with current customers. Happy clients always spread the word about their experiences, which only drives more traffic to your storefront or online page. A lackluster product can still shine with dedicated employees touting its value to interested parties.

Gaining Online Traction

Always have at least one social-media account that’s an official type for your brand. Post interesting facts, how-to information and other tidbits online so that customers want to follow you in droves. Be responsive online as if the customer was in the room. Ignoring any comment or question can result in a lost sale or loyal customer. Branch out to online reviews where you actively respond to people’s experiences. Your online reputation is just as important as its traditional character on the street.

As you ship more items out to your customers, be aware of the packaging’s quality. Avoid reusing cardboard boxes because they’ll slowly wear down. This declining appearance reflects poorly on your business. Brand-new boxes, including recycled types, aren’t very expensive. Show off a professional look with new materials that only please customers upon receipt.

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