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Cloud-Based EDI Automation Solutions That Improve the Way You Do Business


eCommerce is expanding at a rapid pace, whether you’re a small, home-based business or your presence is strictly online. If your business uses a platform like NetSuite, you may be able to gain more efficiency by choosing a robust cloud-based service like B2B Gateway to integrate your electronic data interchange (EDI) functions. This will provide you with the ability to control core functions like payment systems from one interface instead of sifting through multiple apps, programs and platforms.

What is Cloud-Based EDI?

It’s a software as service (SaaS) solution that allows you to control your businesses functions – things like customer service, order fulfillment and business expansion – from a central, virtual platform. That eliminates the need for investment in hardware, system maintenance and upgrades because the service provider does all of that for you. The advantages include:

– Greater business efficiency by bringing all of your data right to you, in real time and unfragmented.

– Unified data management of functions like POS, marketing, customer service and other financial elements from one dashboard

– Scalability. An EDI platform allows you to adapt a your business requirements change without increasing the costs.

Why Does Your Business Ned an EDI?

Aside from convenience and flexibility, pulling all of your SaaS functions under the control one platform offers other benefits. You’ll gain better access to the data you need, when you need it. One study estimates that just increasing your access by 10% can increase your revenue exponentially.

You can view data in real time or within any time frame you choose, identify trends and get precise analytics to help you make better decisions about all aspects of your business. Because the platform is outsourced to a cloud-based provider, you’ll have more timely access to support fro any location. In today’s mobile business climate, that’s an added bonus.

You’ll Also Have Enhanced Security

Security is enhanced also. Since all upgrades, hardware and infrastructure are off-site and monitored 24/7 by the service provider, the tech is more advanced and system vulnerabilities are reduced. Most small businesses don’t have the savvy or the access to keep up with constantly evolving threats and technological advances. An SaaS service provider does. Minimizing the risk of data breaches and possible financial loss is about reason to consider and EDI system.

Bring your enterprise into the 21st century by finding a cloud-based EDI service provider. Not only will you eliminate the clutter and expense of housing and maintaining your own infrastructure, you’ll reduce cost across your whole company. You and your staff will also have more time and insight to focus on more important aspects of your business.

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