Comprehensive Duties In Car Park Management


Quality and successful car parking management services are a mix of skill and attention to duty that results in a great parking experience for all who have to use lots, curb spaces or building parking units. Most local police agencies are moving towards the increased use of parking attendants that can be in constant public contact to ensure all parking laws are being upheld fairly.

Checks and Balances of Proper Parking

A large portion of car park management deals with consistent checking that cars are properly parked. All vehicles parking in a permit area should be adequately displaying the right to park in that spot. Some spots have time limits and the rules have to be upheld. Offering everyone a fair chance for easy-access parking is the job of the parking attendant.

Meter Maintenance

Meters have to be emptied of coins and tickets inserted. There might be times that mild maintenance from coins that are stuck has to be dealt with. Each meter needs to be fully operational and ready for the next person that needs the space. No one wants to deal with a meter that is not usable. It causes extreme frustration to the parking public.

Parking Lot and Building Attendant Services

Car park management also involves car park buildings. These are typically multi-level structures that have to secured using closed-circuit-television monitoring. The attendant is responsible for taking in money, issuing parking validations and making people aware when the unit is full. The levels need to be free of debris and trash. All abandoned vehicles need to be reported to authorities.

Full Knowledge and Comprehension of Traffic Law

It is impossible to know when parking law violations are happening if you are not aware of the traffic laws. Comprehensive car park management includes keeping all attendants in the know about current traffic laws. This way they can feel confident if a citation has to be issued for infringements and violations.

Good Customer Service Skills

A parking attendant is likely to run into all types of people that have had all sorts of experiences that day. Some will become irate if they are told they cannot park in a certain location, or receive a citation. Good customer service skills are required to keep potentially violent situations from getting out-of-hand.

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