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Enjoy Your Business Trip: Ways to Get More From Your Time Away

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If you view business travel as a chore there is always the chance it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and become one of those things you least look forward to, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are some pointers on how to embrace the positive aspects of this necessary part of your life and allow you to look at business travel in a whole new and positive light, including a simple way to keep calm about heading for the airport, why paperless doesn’t always reduce stress, and a better way of enjoying your time in an unfamiliar city.

Don’t leave home without it

One of the simplest and most effective things you can do in preparation for your business trip is to get into the habit of creating a packing checklist each time you go somewhere.

There are very few of us, including seasoned travelers, who haven’t stressed about whether you have packed everything you need for the trip and plenty of us have invariably left something we needed behind.

Use a packing checklist to methodically work your way a list of items that you want to take with you and see what a difference it can make when you arrive at the airport feeling calmer because you know you have packed what you need.

Still no substitute for paper

While a number of you might consider there is no need to print out tickets and email confirmations that are on your smartphone there is actually a lot to be said for having a piece of paper in your hand for reassurance.

You can download an airline boarding pass on your smartphone easily enough, but you might have noticed that plenty of airline staff and other people who want to check your documentation still seem happier to check a piece of paper than taking your mobile phone to scan the details.

Booking into a hotel, such as the Capital Hill Marriott Courtyard, for instance, can all be done online easily enough, but it is still somehow comforting to have a piece of paper that confirms your reservation, especially if your phone gets lost or stolen while you are traveling.

Get to know the city

If you get whisked around the city and from the airport in a taxi to your hotel or a meeting there is a good chance that you won’t get to find out much about the city you are in, aside from a potentially acidic view of what’s wrong with it from a cab driver.

Not all cab drivers are going to use you as a sounding board for their frustrations, but by walking a route where you can or using public transport there is a greater chance of feeling more connected to the personality of the place you are visiting.

If you can get to know the city and enjoy a bit of interaction with the locals who live there it can help you to view your business trip in a much more positive way and it is less likely to feel like a chore.

Adopting a few simple strategies in your planning and while you are there can raise the prospect of even looking forward to the next time you have to spend some time away on business.

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