Here’s Why You Need Free WiFi on Your Trade Show Floor

trade showIn this day and age, staying connected to the internet is a necessity, especially when it comes to work. Hence, it’s a bit surprising that not all trade shows offer some sort of wireless access for both their exhibitors and attendees. And you can’t blame trade show organizers for not offering it, as many think of it as just another expense for mounting a show.

So if it’s quite expensive, why is it still a good idea to have free Wi-Fi at a trade show? Here are some reasons:

  1. Communicate better, seal deals faster.
    Many of the biggest trade shows around the world have exhibitors and attendees coming from different parts of the globe. Hence, it’s important for everyone to stay connected to their head offices back home. And going online on a smartphone is not always enough—after all, the files you may need to send may be stored in your laptop.With a robust wireless broadband solution up and running during a trade show, participants in a trade show won’t need to wonder where they can connect to the Internet. They also won’t need to use their smartphones as improvised mobile modems. All they need to do is to turn on their laptops and choose the WiFi network you’ve set up.
  2. Get more free promotion for your event.
    When talking about promotion, it doesn’t end at sending out press releases. Nor is it just about inviting mass media outlets to cover your trade show. By offering free WiFi internet connection on the trade show floor, you can also harness the power of social media. Both exhibitors and attendees can snap photos of what’s happening in your trade show then upload it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.You can also have a Facebook live feed of what’s happening on the floor right now. This can help entice more people to attend your event, especially if your trade show spans several days.
  3. It’s a great add-on for sponsorship packages.
    A lot of trade show organizers assume that they won’t be able to recover the cost of setting up a wireless broadband network just for the event. However, while it may be tough to recoup the cost in terms of cold hard cash, it can be an added incentive to attract additional sponsors.For example, you can set up the Wi-Fi login screen to display ads or announcements from your sponsors. Or you can use it to help garner likes for a Facebook page—those who want to use the free Wi-Fi service should first like your sponsor’s Facebook page or check in at your event. This is especially important if your trade show or event is related to information technology.Better yet, you can invite internet service providers or telecommunications companies to sponsor the hotspots themselves, in exchange for free booth space. That way, you are spared the cost and the effort of setting up a network yourself.

As these three arguments show, you have everything to gain when it comes to adding free Wi-Fi internet access at your trade show. So the next time you’re organizing one, make sure to include wireless broadband connectivity to your list of must-haves!

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