How Can Translation Services help your business?


Today, it is easier than ever for companies, organisations and businesses to approach potential customers based not only in their home country, but also abroad. With the help of professional translation services as well as taking advantage of globalisation, expanding business internationally is something that a growing number of UK based business owners consider more regularly. entering a foreign market is most definitely a complex and lengthy process, nevertheless, if planned and executed correctly, it can be extremely fruitful for your business.

It is however important to remember that just because your strategy worked perfectly fine in one country, it doesnt mean that itll also be a success abroad. One of the most significant factors which can directly influence how successful your international expansion will be, is approaching the potential customers in their native language.

A recent study showed, that over 75% of customers would be more incline to make a purchase if the information about a product or service was provided in their language. This is an incredible number of potential customers you can win over and be ahead of your competitors by simply working with a translation agency and translating your material.

Translate your website

In many cases, your website will be the first, and perhaps the only, point of contact between you and the customers based abroad. It is important that they will be able to find important information in their native language. From product/service description to terms & conditions translating not only the key content, but anything that might be important for the user is crucial.

Localise your approach

Remember, very often simply translating the text isnt enough in the business environment. A professional translation agency will most likely suggest that your website and its content should also be carefully localised in order to be suitable for the target audience. The use of colours, specific language and dialect, symbolisms can be completely different from culture to culture and can directly impact how successful your international campaign will be. Localising your website will also ensure that other factors which may affect the user-experience and consequently consumer behaviour, such as time and date format or currency are also localised in order to suit your target market.

Translate for a better brand image

Having your content translated, localised and adapted specifically for your target audience can bring not only measurable benefits such as sales and customers, but will also allow you to build a stronger brand presence. Kiran Adatia, the managing director of TS24, an agency offering professional translation services in London says that As a translation agency we often work with websites and marketing content. We recognise the importance of not only accurate translations, but also localisation. Entering your target market with a tailored approach can often be the difference between success and failure. By accurately translating your content, your company will come across as more professional and trustworthy and therefore the website visitors or consumers might be more inclined to convert into customers.

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