How Charitable Organizations Help Disadvantaged Communities

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Some people are born in privileged positions. Others have to work incredibly hard in order to get there. This latter group of people often have a great understanding for disadvantaged communities and do all they can to ensure people in these communities are able to get ahead. Take Infor CEO Charles Phillips and his wife Karen, for instance, who may make a six figure income but who have also set up the Phillips Charitable Organizations (PCO). So how do philanthropic organizations like the PCO help to make the world a better place?

The Importance of Charitable Organizations

Quite obviously, charitable organizations try to make the world a better place for all its inhabitants. People like Charles and Karen Phillips do this for various reasons. For them, the focus is specifically on veterans, because Charles is an Air Force child and was in the Marines himself, but also on African American communities, to which they belong themselves, and on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education, which Infor being a tech company. Other people have a different focus, such as helping people who have been affected by natural disasters.

Regardless of the specific focus of the philanthropic work, it is generally underpinned by the idea that all humans are created equally, and should have the same opportunities and rights. Furthermore, true philanthropists believe that their privileged positions should be used to improve the welfare of those who have not been able to be so lucky.

Of course, the difficulty is that there are so many different needs around the planet that they cannot all be served. This is why there are so many different charitable organizations as well. Between them, they hope to address all the diverse issues on the planet. They are usually set up by people who truly understand the demographic that they try to improve – like the PCO.

Getting Involved

Not everybody has the opportunity to be philanthropic with money, but everybody can do something. If you, in your spirit, are compassionate and have strong ethical values, you could decide to volunteer. Volunteers are leaders. They develop excellent communication skills, discipline, interpersonal relationships, and harmony. In so doing, they make the world a better place, but they improve their own skills at the same time.

Volunteers are incredibly proud people. They know that they may sacrifice some of their own skills, time, and even money, but what they get back from that is far greater, and no financial amount could be attached to that. They want to help others simply because they believe they can help, and that others are deserving of help. Their motivation is generally twofold. There are personal reasons, because they have a desire to help others, or because they want to have new experiences, build relationships, and work with others. At the same time, they are principled and righteous and this drives them to understand the problems and needs of others, wanting to change the world for those who need some help.

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