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Kencoin Gains Broadening Adoption Throughout the Adult Industry

The desire to safeguard privacy is very real, and nowhere is that truer than in the adult entertainment industry. Customers who might willingly hand over their payment details to Google and Apple – and to a wide range of restaurants, clothing stores and other merchants – suddenly become nervous when a porn site or sex shop asks for any personally identifying details.

And with good reason. When hackers or leaks compromise the security of private accounts, customers’ personal sex lives may be put on display before the entire world; truly a nightmare made real. And until now, there’s been no surefire way to safeguard against these kinds of leaks.

That’s where Kencoin comes in. This fully anonymous cryptocurrency, which specifically targets merchants and consumers in the adult entertainment sector, is impossible to link with a user’s personal details. This means it provides completely safe, secure transactions, online and off.

Kencoin has been gaining broad adoption throughout the adult entertainment industry, and its list of partners is growing. Here are a few sectors in which merchants are integrating Kencoin into their payment processes. 

Porn video sites

Porn video websites account for more than $3 billion in revenues each year. It’s currently estimated that 80 to 90 percent of users choose free content not primarily because it is free, but because they do not want their identity to be revealed should they purchase a paying service. The arrival of Kencoin has already shifted that dynamic, spurring an increase in anonymous purchases on leading pay sites like the exclusive section of PornHub.

Live interaction sites

Similarly to porn, live video feeds and other services have long received lower-than-ideal revenue streams due to users’ nervousness about revealing their identities. Now that more of these sites are adopting Kencoin payments, they’re receiving increased signups, helping them provide even more live video feeds to their customers.

Adult merchandise vendors

Online vendors of DVDs, sex toys and related goods frequently experience issues with chargeback clients, who order a product, then reverse the credit card charge, causing a significant profit loss for the vendor. Many chargebacks occur after shipping, and the payments are difficult to recover, due to the nature of services rendered, as well as the fact that vendors are often operating in a different jurisdiction than their customers. Kencoin solves the chargeback issue at a stroke, by guaranteeing each non-reversible transaction, and keeping clients anonymous along the way.

Adult dating networks

In July 2015, when a group calling itself “The Impact Team” stole a large amount of user data from Ashley Madison, a commercial website billed as an enabler of extramarital affairs. Between the 18th and 20th of August, the group leaked more than 25 gigabytes of company data, including private user details. Kencoin is designed to prevent such a disaster from every happening again. Kencoin users will be free to decide what personal info to supply or hold back, because their personal details will no longer be needed to ensure the service provider that it will receive payment.

Adult entertainment venues

In many countries (depending on legislation), adult venues enjoy great volumes of clients, and profits very much linked to spending on liquor and other services offered on-site. With Kencoin, clients of these venues never need to disclose their personal details, or provide their personal credit cards to pay their bills. This means they can complete their purchases and spend Kencoins on the spot to cover their needs.

Kencoin is also gaining adoption across a wide range of other adult sectors, from brick-and-mortar sex shops, to escorts and sex professionals, and beyond. And the cryptocurrency’s initial coin offering (ICO) is close on the horizon.

Don’t you wish you’d bought Bitcoins when they were only $50 apiece? Now’s your chance to get in on the ground floor of a cryptocurrency that’s already gaining wide adoption throughout the adult industry. Kencoin’s pre-ICo sales started. Click here to subscribe during the pre-ICO, to grab your own supply of Kencoins.


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