Meaningful Ways to Increase Your Influence as a Business Leader

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Business leaders come from all backgrounds and sectors. However, some of them are unmistakably more influential than others. There are several things you can do to become a more influential business leader. In turn, you could see boosted profits, better relationships, and more opportunities.

Constantly Demonstrate Integrity


Some people seem like upstanding individuals when they’re in the spotlight but they’re much different outside of the public eye or when in certain circles. One of the most effective ways to increase your influence is to show integrity during every conversation you have, every business transaction you make, and every decision you’re involved in.


Put simply, always do what you’ll say you will and perform to the best of your abilities. Commit to taking that approach as much as possible regardless of who’s around. You never know if someone is watching from the sidelines, quietly observing your behavior before potentially asking you to become a business partner, give them advice about a new project, or apply for an open position at their company.

Strive for Excellent Communications


Whether you’re writing a piece for the company newsletter, speaking to a new client on the phone, or conversing with a colleague about an upcoming meeting, pay attention to the quality of your communications and try to get your points across as clearly as possible. If you fail to do that, people could become confused and even misunderstand you.


If you’re engaged in face-to-face communications, it’s a good idea to practice active listening. As implied by the name, to take part in active listening means to fully concentrate on what’s being said instead of merely listening passively. One of the ways you can show another person you’re actively listening is to paraphrase what they’ve said back to them to check your comprehension. You could say, “So, just to make sure I’ve understood you correctly…” or “What I’m getting from you is…”


Good communications don’t just extend to saying what you need to say with as much clarity as possible. It also means listening carefully and not being afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure about something.

Treat People Well


Imagine how embarrassing it would be if it came to light that a person who was formerly thought of as an outstanding leader who always treated everyone with respect was actually treating his workers very cruelly and making them endure very long hours in primitive conditions for low wages. Sometimes it costs more money or is more time consuming to treat people well, but if you’re committed to being a fantastic leader that people notice for all the right reasons, it’s a worthy thing to do.


Respect should always be shown to the people you interact with but you also need to indicate you’re open to receiving feedback. If you have a very gruff demeanor and act very annoyed whenever people you know want to talk to you about things, don’t be surprised if they end up getting the impression it’s better to just keep their mouths shut.

Always Pursue Opportunities to Learn


No matter how long you’ve been a business leader, you can never assume you know everything about your industry. Have an inquisitive mindset and consistently seek opportunities to grow your knowledge.


That might mean going to the website for the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and learning more about UAB’s online MBA option or deciding you’re going to take part in a mentoring program offered at a local community center. The more educated and informed you are, the easier it’ll be to make a strong impact and showcase your leadership skills.


You’ve just learned some fabulous ways to enhance your leadership qualities and get people to pay attention. Start living them out today and look forward to noticeable results.

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