Vip Amin's team of geniuses first established itself as a Private Limited Company in 2012, and has been guided by Vipul Amin, also known as Vip Amin, as Director for the past five years. The company was also initially presided over by Bhaskar Majumdar, although he gave up this position four years ago. In his place, Jyoti Amin came on board as a secretary.

Vip Amin’s Energy Price Comparison Site

Under the watchful and expert eye of Vip Amin, MyUtilityGenius has grown steadily over the past five years, offering customers the chance to make energy price comparisons in an easy and accessible way. Whether they want to find the cheapest gas and electricity deals or save on their energy costs, it is all possible through MyUtilityGenius.

The site compares all major UK energy suppliers, including EDF Energy, British Gas, SSE, NPower, E-On, Scottish Power, and Extra Energy. MyUtilityGenius have built up commercial arrangements with all of these suppliers to benefit their customers. The website claims domestic customers can save more than £250 a year when they switch to a cheaper energy tariff. Whether it’s deals on gas, electricity or both, there’s no reason to get stuck with energy price hikes thanks to the comparison work of MyUtilityGenius.

Not only is MyUtilityGenius used by the everyday consumer looking to lower their domestic tariff, but there is also a MyUtilityGenius for Business service, in which energy procurement and contract tendering is handled by the MyUtilityGenius staff on behalf of companies who don’t have the same expertise or availability to do so themselves. This can help numerous companies both large and small save significant money, as well as manage risks and develop an effective energy strategy.

It also means a low carbon economy can be created on behalf of a business, which is good for the environment. Businesses are also given a lead partner through MyUtilityGenius, plus a dedicated account manager and data analyst to ensure they are getting the best possible deals. There are also a range of seminars and training sessions for businesses to attend with MyUtilityGenius across the country, in which organisations can be informed further on what strategies they can take to reduce their bills.

Vip Amin’s team of geniuses

Vip Amin is supported in the MyUtilityGenius venture by John Stein, the founder and ‘Chief Genius Officer’. Then there is Bertie Whizz, who is the head of research and sustainable development. In his twenties, Bertie was educated at Oxbridge and had been studying for a Phd prior to joining MyUtilityGenius. He also worked as a sustainable development manager for another energy supplier over a couple of years, before moving to his new role. Given his background, Bertie places a lot of emphasis upon all things ‘green’ and takes a keen interest in how the environment can be protected.

There is also Guy Thompson, who is the director of the team and ‘Chief Energy Expert’. He ploughs a lot of time and attention into establishing future developments for MyUtilityGenius, establishing proactive supplier relationships and engagements, and supporting the team through his extensive experience within the utilities and broad energy sectors.

Vip Amin’s role at MyUtilityGenius

Vip Amin does not have a great deal to do with the day-to-day running of events at MyUtilityGenius, instead holding a higher level, senior overarching director’s role. Vip Amin works in a range of other roles, including as the managing director at U.S.

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