New, Used or Rental Test Equipment and Your Business

The Purchase of New Test Equipment

The purchase of a commodity comes with the security of a factory warranty and the customer service backup of both the manufacturer and the dealer. For many people there is simply no other way of owning supplies or equipment. However, this will not suit everybody whether it is because of cash flow or simply because they have a different thought process regarding new and old

Used or Second Hand can be an Option

Buying used can save the purchaser up to 80% of the new price tag. Many suppliers in this area offer refurbished or remanufactured supplies that are very difficult to differentiate from their new relatives. When buying a second-hand piece of equipment there are some important factors to consider.

  • Are you getting everything you need such as all the accessories and cables required to complete the system. Are the manuals, carrying cases, batteries etc. included. Some of these are optional but some may prove extremely useful. Are transport costs included including import duties where applicable and taxes.
  • Make sure all quality checks have been made. It is very important to buy from a reputable supplier as you can then be assured rigorous checks have taken place.
  • Many suppliers of used equipment offer warranties that the used equipment is indeed fit for purpose. This is important because if anything goes wrong then the purchaser will have rights of return.
  • Have confidence in the supplier. It is useless to buy used equipment from a supplier that is going to vanish into thin air as soon as the purchase is complete. Be sceptical of a supplier that asks for payment in advance. Even if there is a warranty included it is useless if the supplier goes bust shortly after the sale takes place.
  • For equipment that will need to be upgraded over time, check to see that this is available. It may not be worth purchasing used equipment which is not future proof.

Rental of Test Equipment to Accommodate Business Needs

At times renting is a good option. From a financial point of view, it offers more flexible payment terms; payment can be made over time or spread out over the coming months. This frees up cash flow especially for small or new businesses. It goes without saying that test equipment is getting more sophisticated. This in turn means that it is also getting more expensive and is also becoming obsolete more quickly. Another good reason to consider renting.

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