Skins Are the Perfect Addition to Your Fleet of Dell Laptops

dell skin

When you’re a slave to poorly performing electronics, not much work gets done. Instead of files saved, tempers flare as programs glitch and applications freeze, and as a result, you and the whole office end up wasting more time watching ‘Not Responding’ windows than doing anything at all. That’s why, despite the alarmingly high price tag, you finally upgraded everyone’s laptop to the new Dell XSP 13. Compact yet powerful, it’s a surprisingly muscular little computer.

Fully loaded with 16 GB of memory, 6th generation Intel Core i7 processor, and Windows 10, it works like a dream. But this isn’t any commercial for the Dell XPS 13; forget about its near borderless Infinity Edge display with UltraSharp QHD, its 18 hour battery, and its Thunderbolt™ 3 multiuse port. You know its specs – you chose to outfit the entire office with them for a reason!

Straight out of the box, the Dell XPS 13 is a beautiful and sleek machine; but now that the laptops have arrived, the true weight (or lack thereof) of the 13 inch 2.7 pound computer dawns on you. It’s an incredibly fragile piece of machinery. As your staff takes them out of the packaging and you finally see them in their hands, you can start to imagine all of the ways they can damage them at their desk, in the conference room, and abroad when work takes them on the road.

Protection – if you expect to keep this fleet of Dell computers in tip-top shape for as long as possible, you’ll need a lot of it. Dell offers an “Accidental Damage Service” that starts at $70 a month. The word ‘accidental’ certainly has promise until you start reading customer reviews. Evidently, Dell gets to pick and choose what they deem is accidental, and there are enough loopholes in the service to deem most damages caused by misuse instead of accident.

So if insurance is out the window, are you left with tasking your staff to be really, very, extremely careful with their new equipment? It won’t hurt, but that definitely won’t stop scuffs, scrapes, scratches, spills, and grime from ruining the look and function of your latest acquisitions. Without protection, some wear and tear is inevitable and it will have the new Dell XPS 13s looking like refurbished charity cases in no time. When you take pride in your company’s appearance, that can’t happen.

Luckily, there’s a way to keep your fleet of computers free from damages, and it doesn’t come with another huge price tag. You can get affordable protection in the form of genuine 3M vinyl skins. A Dell XPS skin is essential for the laptop, as it saves the delicate chassis and touchpad from scratches and scrapes. Even if your employees are less than careful with theirs and throw it in a bag with loose change, keys, and pens, the Dell XPS skin will protect it from danger. It will also do away with the need for constantly polishing away fingerprint smudges on the top and bottom of the case, as the textured skin is grime and liquid resistant – the latter being a blessing for those clumsy team members who spill coffee at their desk all too often.

Forget about $70 a month for lacklustre insurance. This sort of protection comes in under $50 per computer – and only the one time when you order Dell XPS 13 skins from dbrand. That’s nothing compared to the amount it will save you in damages. And, if you customize the skin to your company’s colors, you get a little bit of free advertising. Every time your employees boot up their computer at a trade show or conference, they’ll be doing so with an eye-catching design that matches your brand.

So take a deep breath. You won’t have to worry about the fragility of these Dell computers for much longer. Hop online and check out the selection of quality 3M vinyl skins before you create one that’s in line with your brand. Cool, arresting, and protective, they’ll preserve your investment and keep your fleet of laptops working longer.

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